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Every player owns exactly one ship at a time. It acts as the carrier of the game character.

When buying a new ship the old one and all old equipment items are sold automatically, for 50% of their buy-values. The new ship contains nothing but the smallest drive, a 30MW mining laser (if the ship has at least one gun slot) and a fuel scoop. [MECH:Equipment]
All ship crew is transferred, provided that enough crew seats are available on the new ship. If not, the surplus amount of crew members has to be dismissed before the ship purchase can be finalized. [MECH:Crew]


Every ship has a certain hull capacity, measured in tons, which determines how much space its owner has available for transporting cargo or for installing equipment. It is entirely up to the pilot to decide how much capacity to use for equipment and how much to leave free for cargo space.

A ship can have three layers of protection:
  • Hull Points
  • The structure and layout of a ship determines the amount of hull points. The hull points equal the amount of damage a 'naked' ship can take. With that alone, battles and inter-sector travel should be avoided. All Hull points can be repaired for money on planets and starbases by clicking Ship Equipment, or slowly (but for free) while being in dock in your buildings.

  • Armor
  • Installing armor on your ship is not necessary, but recommended.
    Damage hitting the armor subtracts a number of armor points depending on the armor, weapon strength, and certain skills. Armor is attached to the outside of the hull of a ship and takes no cargo space to install. Every ship has a set number of armor points, and you get the same number no matter what type of armor you have. However, more expensive armors - those with a higher strength - are more durable and require more damage to remove armor points. All armor points can be repaired for money on planets and starbases by clicking Ship Equipment, or slowly (but for free) while being in dock in your buildings.
    There are different armor classes. [MECH:Laser/Armor Class]

  • Shields
  • Heavy shield generators maintain your energy shields. These shields provide the first line of defense against attacks. Shield points lost in combat regenerate slowly, but the shields can be recharged at energy wells. Shields also provide protection from teleport-robbery and equipment damage. [MECH:Teleporting]
    Installing a shield generator is an option for those who have the hull capacity to spare, though having a good armor and strong weapons may also be sufficient.
For complete data tables of all ship types, see [REF:Ships]. For their descriptions see [TWOP:Standard Ships].

Ship WindowYou can always see your ship's status in the ship window on the nav screen, or more detailed information in the ship tab of the overview screen (see below).

A ship's size plays a role in combat, and how well the ship can cloak. Ships with bigger size get hit more often in combat and perform worse when cloaking, but have a smaller chance of being tractored in building combat. [MECH:Cloaking] [MECH:PvBuilding] [REF:Formulas]

Your ship's name will be visible when you post in the forum or to someone who directly trades with your ship. [MECH:Ship-to-Ship Trade]

Ship Overview

Ship Paint

Owners of starbases have the possibility to run a paint shop. [MECH:Starbase Maintenance]
If such a paint shop is open, visitors of the starbase have the option to paint their ship in one of three designs by clicking Shipyard on the starbase's welcome screen and visiting the Paint Shop.

There are three available durations: Permanent paint for 2,000,000 base cost* + surcharge (Premium Accounts only), and Duration 50 days for 250,000 base cost** + surcharge, and Duration 10 days for 100,000 base cost*** + surcharge. (* or if ship price is less, then that value; ** or if (ship price)/4 is less, then that value; *** or if (ship price)/10 is less, then that value). When a temporary paint's duration is exceeded the ship's hull reverts back to its original paint (i.e. a previously applied permanent paint or the ship's default). There are several paint options provided - for all possible designs see [TWOP:Ship Paints].

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