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This section is about teleporting commodities, and not about the ambush teleporter. For uses of the ambush teleporter, see [MECH:Raiding & Ambushing].

Criminal Use

Next to raiding, a more subtle way to get your hands on the goods on other ships is the use of a teleporter. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush] [REF:Equipment]. This relatively heavy device is based on a quantum physics discovery that allows transport of small amounts of matter in the form of a particle stream. Originally it was used for peaceful application in starbases, asteroid mines and on bigger transports. It did not take long for pirates to appreciate its potential in a more aggressive field: covertly stealing goods from other ships. Big trade centers such as planets and starbases are often the stage for these kinds of activities.

A teleport attempt costs 50 action points and is possible by clicking on the player's name in the other ships window and then Steal (teleport) goods. The loss of goods can be partially diminished or even completely blocked with shields. [REF:Formulas]
Your cloaking skill determines the chance your target will notice the theft. When noticed, the victim will be informed of your identity! Your engineering skill determines the amount of goods stolen. Your engineering skill increases with every attempt, the cloaking skill only with an unnoticed one.
After a rob attempt, teleporters need 90 seconds of cooldown-time. Always the most valuable goods are stolen first.

There are two different teleporters available on the market: Class I with a 60% and Class II with a 75% chance to succeed. [REF:Equipment]

Peaceful Use

Besides the criminal use, teleporters also decrease all trade transfer costs from 10 to 5 action points.

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