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Tasks are jobs offered by players (or alliances) for players. Like missions set by NPCs or factions tasks can be found on bulletin boards, and, as a member of an alliance, on the Diplomacy - Alliance Tasks screen.

Types of tasks

  • TransportTask type Transport
    Can either require you to buy commodities from a planet/starbase/building or sell them to a place or both combined.

  • Courier
    The task's creator wants you to deliver commodities directly to their ship. This type of task is only advertised if the creator of the task is in the vicinity and hopefully they included their exact location in the task's comments.

  • Kill VerminTask type Kill Vermin
    Requires you to exterminate a specified amount of vermin at an optionally defined location.

  • Kill Pilot
    A target to hunt is specified either by alliance/faction affiliation or, less fuzzy, by the pilot's name.

  • Destroy Building
    A building is to be destroyed - it may be targeted through its type, location, owner.

  • Create BuildingTask type Create Building
    You are to construct a building of a specified type at an optionally defined location.

  • Upgrade Building
    One of your buildings needs to be upgraded: a specified property needs to reach a value at an optionally defined location and building type.

  • Add Module
    A module of a certain kind needs to be installed at one of your buildings of an optionally defined type and at an optionally defined location.

  • Set PriceTask type Set Price
    This task requires you to set buy/sell prices and/or mins/maxes according to the task specifications in one of your buildings of an optionally defined type and at an optionally defined location.

  • Set Permission
    A specified pilot/alliance/faction needs to have permissions set as specified to complete this task.


The tasks available for you on a bulletin board at a planet or starbase are determined by:
  • the bulletin board's location - whether a task requires anything to be done in the vicinity
  • a task's target audience - whether you match the audience set by the task's creator (alliance, experience)
  • randomness - if few tasks are found for the area, tasks that are not bound to any location are mixed into bulletin boards at random (changing daily and by sector)
  • a task's goal and reward - if a task is determined to not appeal to players, it is less likely to show up
Task list Bulletin Board
As a member of an alliance you also have access to all of your alliance's tasks that you are eligible for on the Diplomacy - Alliance Tasks screen. While the treasurer is responsible for managing alliance tasks, any member of the alliance can examine the list of completed alliance tasks on the same page.

Running tasks

Tasks you are currently working on are listed in the Overview - Jobs screen. You are able to check your progress on a task as well as abort them. This is also where you can go through the list of your completed tasks. For logging purposes you find the monetary rewards gained from the tasks you completed in your payment log.
Running tasks
Some tasks can even be completed more than once, if configured in such a way by the creator of the task [MECH:Task Creation]. After each completion and at creation the task owner pays a deposit to guarantee payment is available for the next person to finish the task. Task owners may however pause or delete the task at any time. A deleted task can not be finished anymore. No further progress can be made on a paused task until it is re-enabled. Every player working on the task will be notified of any such events.

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