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There are many types of life in the universes of Pardus, spanning all branches of the imagination. Here you will find an overview containing a description of each of the 4 main types of life, along with links leading to even greater detail.

Lucidi MothershipSlave Trader
Famous PirateLucidi Squad
Dependent on machines in order to sustain them in open space, all kinds and classes of humanoids have managed to maintain their scandalous ways of life across the many sectors of the universe. Whether it is the lure of easy money or agendas known only to themselves, humanoids influence the cosmos more than any other classification of life.

All too often found stealing, deceiving and even murdering, the most threatening assets that all humanoids share is their intelligence and cunning as they struggle to carve their mark upon the universe. Underestimating this factor is likely to lead to an untimely termination from the universe.
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Z-16 Repair DroneZ-15 Fighter
Z-15 SpacepadX-993 Mothership
Developed in order to serve their creators, these mechanical wonders were thought to be an ultimate solution to the problems faced by the patrons of the universe. Totally autonomous, drones could act, enforce, replicate and repair one another all on their own, wholly lacking the necessity for external input. It seemed that drones had finally overcome the increasingly sophisticated obstacles of manned machines, and even the now archaic limitations of cellular organisms.

It was soon to be learned however, that drones are not without their own flaws. Having been rushed carelessly into mass production, the results weren't always as their architects had envisioned; in fact sometimes the consequences were quite grim.
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Non-Sentient Life
Rive CrystalSolar Banshee
Energy SparkerRipe Manifestation
The classification for life that is incapable of thought and reason, non-sentients are nonetheless able to consume matter, transform energy, and grow, either aiding or hindering the other forms of life in the galaxies. Much of the non-sentient life found in the various sectors and clusters is still yet to be understood, but even so they are still believed to, in some way or another, contribute to the overall survival of the universe and its hundreds of billions of unique species.
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Sentient Life
Asp HatchlingsCyborg Manta
Able to think, choose and even suppress the very essence of their nature if they so decide, it is the sentient beings that have driven the sectors, clusters and the universe itself since their very conception. It is also the most intelligent of the sentients that have proven to place the greatest burden upon the universe, creating chaos amidst the stars in a way even the universe itself could not have foreseen.

Ranging from the keen to the instinctual, the sentients of the universe work to preserve the precious equilibrium of the cosmos; doing so at the expense of anything or anyone unfortunate enough to wander into their paths, including each other. For so long as the universe as we know it exists, so too shall the sentient lifeforms it harbors.
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