Pardus is a FREE award-winning, real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from your browser!

Test your wits against thousands of others in this vast, persistent universe as you struggle to survive! Trading, pirating, smuggling, military ranking - how you play is totally up to you in this open-ended game set in space.

Playable with all common web browsers - No downloads or plug-ins required!

  • Pardus is 100% FREE!
  • No Plug-ins and NOTHING to download, EVER
  • Realtime, graphic-based game-action
  • Vast, persistent universe with thousands of players
  • Dozens of ships, over 100 upgrades
  • Multi-language tutorial:
    English Deutsch Portugues Español Italiano Polski Magyar Nederlands Indonesia Suomi
Online characters:116
Active characters:7,593
Registered characters:459,148

Exotic Matter SourceExotic Matter Source
Team HuntTeam Hunt
Nano CraftNano Craft
Starbase CombatStarbase Combat
Colonized SectorColonized Sector

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