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Hacking & Firewalls



In a highly developed society almost all technical facilities are connected via networks and approachable via terminal stations. By infiltrating these systems, experienced computer pirates can steal valuable information for their own use or to possibly sell it. This is called hacking.
Hackers can receive information from faction databases about all registered faction pilots, in black markets on planets and starbases which are controlled by the respective faction. [MECH:Black Market & Dark Corner]. It is also possible to hack player-owned buildings by pressing Hack Information on the building's welcome screen; in this case only information about the owner can be retrieved. The following hacking methods are available, depending on the player's hacking skill:
  • from Skill 10, 50 Action Points: Hack Trade Log (only in buildings and player-owned starbases)
    Retrieves the latest entries of the owner's trade log, up to three days old. [MECH:Logs]

  • from Skill 10, 100 Action Points: Brute Hack
    The easiest of all methods. Using a quantum computer all password combinations are automatically tried. This method only reveals the most basic information, also available from the Galactic statistics board - if the target is famous enough.

  • from Skill 15, 150 Action Points: Skilled Hack
    Using home made tech tools and a specialized hacking processor, higher security features can be circumvented. This results in some more essential information to become available.

  • from Skill 20, 200 Action Points: Freak Hack
    Freaks are very experienced computer users. They know how to become one with a computer, using machine language to communicate. This allows them to get their hands on some very valuable information.

  • from Skill 20, 200 Action Points: Hack Object Log
    Retrieves the latest trades of players with the target building, planet or starbase, up to three days old. [MECH:Logs]

  • from Skill 25, 250 Action Points: Guru Hack
    Nobody knows how these masters of the binary succeed in reaching such extremely sensitive information. No wonder they protect their secrets better than anything else and often live their lonely lifes in mile deep holes on desert planets.
The following hacking method is available to players who have a Hackotron installed. The Hackotron is an outlawed supercomputer which increases your hacking skill in combat and enables you to perform Turnover Hacks on faction bases:
  • 200 Action Points: Hack Faction Turnovers
    Retrieves the top 20 turnovers of all Faction pilots with hacking skill less than your hacking skill minus 10. A player's turnover determines how much it is possible to credit hack from him. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush]

While the only risks in hacking buildings lie in a notification to the owner when a hack is detected, and the vulnerability on the nav screen while hacking, hacking faction databases on starbases or planets may result in a faction bounty on the hacker and loss of reputation when a hack is detected. Since hacking faction databases is more risky, gained hacking skill is higher when using this method, instead of hacking buildings.


To protect yourself from being hacked in your own buildings, you may install firewalls in them, or have them installed by others. To install one yourself, go to More Options and then Firewall settings in your building's menu. There click on Upgrade firewall yourself. If you want to offer an install request to everyone who visits your building, set the demanded firewall strength and the price you are willing to pay accordingly. Your firewall request will be displayed to all visitors in your building's welcome screen, in this way: Install strength [x] firewall for [y] credits.
To disable a firewall request, set Demanded security strength to 200, and Price you are willing to pay for installation to 0.

Core Sensitization

EPS members are able to install an EPS Core Sensitizer in an EPS ship, enabling them to sensitize the ship computer's core of a fellow pilot, once every 24 hours. A sensitized core has a significantly higher probability of earlier shutdown the next time it is credit hacked. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush]. The higher the hacking skill of the sensitizing pilot, the better the protection. Multiple sensitizations of one ship computer are possible.

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