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Black Market & Dark Corner

Black Markets can be found on all planets, and in all starbases with at least 30,000 workers, but not in the Pardus Cluster. [TWOP:Pardus Territory]. Unlimited quantities of commodities are available here, but at extraordinary high prices. [REF:Commodities & Planets]. Not all commodities are offered all the time though: There are clusterwide shortages of up to six commodities in black markets. These commodities are not offered as long as the shortage persists. Shortages change every week. In black markets, members of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate may only trade in fuel, while The Shadow Syndicate members receive a bonus of 8% on all buy and sell prices. [MECH:Syndicates] [REF:Commodities]

Besides the commodities available for trade in the conventional trade screen, it is usually also possible to deal in illegals here, such as drugs and slaves. Be warned that trading with illegals may call the attention of local authorities - you may be bountied! [MECH:Bounties]

If illegal activities are detected by local authorities, they may shut down a black market for a certain amount of time.

In case the planet or starbase belongs to a faction, the faction database may be hacked here by pressing Hack faction database. Information about a pilot belonging to that faction may be illegaly found out this way. [MECH:Hacking & Firewalls]
Getting caught hacking a faction database will lead to a small bounty on your head and loss of reputation. [MECH:Bounties] [REF:Reputation]

An owner of a private starbase has no influence on its black market and will not make or lose money by trades performed there.

Dark Corners

At the bottom of every black market there is a special and even more illegal section, the Dark Corner. Here certain body parts can be bought or sold. The type of body parts which can be bought depends on the cluster:
  • Federation Human Core: Human intestines
  • Federation South Human: Human intestines
  • Federation Rashkir Core: Rashkir bones
  • Empire Skaari Core: Skaari limbs
  • Empire West Skaari: Skaari limbs
  • Empire Keldon Core: Keldon brains
  • Union Rashkir Core: Rashkir bones
  • Union North Rashkir: Rashkir bones
  • Union Keldon Core: Keldon brains
Body parts are not sold in non-race-specific clusters.

(Body parts can also be "produced" in special buildings: Dark Domes. Dark domes can only be built on above territory and will produce the same type of commodity as in the respective dark corners. [MECH:Special Buildings])

If a kind of body part is not sold, it is bought. The price depends on the sector's distance to the next sector which sells the respective type of body part.
Smugglers may make a fortune by shipping and selling certain body parts to distant regions in the universe.

Local authorities have no influence in dark corners; body parts can be traded without the risk of being bountied by a faction.

The higher the crime rate of the local cluster, the higher is the dark corner's storage capacity for body parts.

For every ton of body part produced, the planet or starbase will mysteriously lose 10 workers. Concerned colonists may find out the last buyer of dark corner commodities, by clicking Gather information about last buyer at the bottom of the dark corner.

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