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Many repeating actions you may perform in Pardus, such as trading, repairing, or fighting, are automatically logged in your Logs under Overview → Logs. Logs will be deleted after 3 days; for Premium Accounts after 15 days. There are several kinds of logs available:

Commodities Trade

This log shows your commodity trades, including all expenses and profits. You may choose between purchases, sales, or both, you may check regular transactions and black market transactions. If you own buildings, you may also check transactions from every single building.

Commodities Trade Log

Income is displayed in green color, expenses in red color. You will be notified about new trade log entries with the trade icon: Trade Icon

Ship / Equipment

Here you can see repairs to your ship, and trades with ships or ship equipment. Selectable are purchases, sales, repairs, or all.

Ship / Equipment Log

Income is displayed in green color, expenses in red color. You will be notified about new ship / equipment log entries with the trade icon: Trade Icon


To overview your past missions, visit this log.

Missions Log

Income is displayed in green color, expenses in red color. You will be notified about new missions log entries with the mission icon: Mission Icon


In your combat log all battles are displayed. There are three categories: Attack on you, Your attacks, and Shared logs. You may share your logs with other players; these are displayed in the last category. Checkable for display are Ship vs Ship, Ship vs NPC, Ship vs Building, Ship vs Starbase, Squadron vs Squadron, and Squadron vs Starbase combats. You may select only defeats, ties, victories, or all. By clicking on one entry, a detailed combat log will pop up. This will display the participants' conditions, their weapons used, detailed combat statistics for Premium Accounts, and what happened in every single combat round.
You will be notified about new combats log entries with the combat icon: Combat Icon

Each Ship vs NPC entry with you as attacker will automatically be deleted after one day due to performance reasons. Shared logs will disappear once they are automatically deleted from the owners' logs.


You MO log contains: Your Activity with records of military outposts you bypassed or were blocked at, and Own MOs recording the traffic at your MOs of ships being blocked, bypassing your MO, or passing under the special newbie hospitability option.
Only the ship type is known of blocked ships and ships that flew by your MO leaving behind only energy fluctuations.
You will be notified about new MO log entries with the MO icon: MO Icon


All financial transactions taking place to and from your personal or your starbase's credits pool that do not get logged elsewhere are recorded in your payment log.
You will be notified about new payment log entries with the payment icon: Payment Icon


Every pilot experiences many events in his career, some of them more significant or outstanding than others. These milestones are logged in the career log and consist of the following happenings: Career log entries are not deletable. There is no notification of career events via icon, as with the previous log types.


The pilot log is a private notepad only available to Premium Account holders. It can be freely edited, and downloaded with one click as a txt-file. Messages can be copied to here with one click, by pressing Log message on the messages screen. [MECH:Private Message]

CSV Downloads

Also only to available to Premium Account holders, all logs can be downloaded as comma-separated value (CSV) files by clicking Download CSV file. The CSV file format is a very simple data file format that is supported by almost all spreadsheet software such as Excel.

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