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The options you set here are valid for your account and all of your characters (if applicable):

  • Change Password
    Change your password here. Note that it needs to have more than six characters. Please make sure you are using a Strong Password.

  • Change E-Mail Address
    By default, the e-mail address displayed here is the one you used to sign up. Please make sure it is always your current one, because the important password retreaval function will send your password to this address, should you ever forget it.

  • Timezone
    Select your timezone here. It will affect all places inside the game where times are displayed, including chats and forums.

  • Use image pack
    Here you can download the imagepack to copy most ingame images to your computer.
    When playing the game, your system will refrain from downloading all often used images (for example all which are displayed on the nav screen) from the Pardus server, but will use them from your local computer. This way the game can be sped up a lot and are even able to completely customize the images.
    If you encounter any problems with this option, please consult the Technical FAQ.

  • Space chart display size
    Sets the amount of tiles displayed in the navigation screen's space chart (viewing range).
    This option is only available to Premium Accounts.

  • Standard Command on the Nav screen
    If set to yes, clicking the center tile on the navigation screen's space chart will execute the standard command (bold command in the commands window).

  • Show help titles on the Nav screen
    If set to yes, this will display titles on the navigation screen when hovering over buildings, NPCs, and other pilots.

  • Show building trade buoys on nav screen
    To see the building's public trade status on the nav screen, without any need to enter it, select Yes here. [MECH:Conventional Trade]

  • Building welcome screen order
    This setting determines the order of options when entering a building owned by another player. [MECH:Entering Buildings]. Default is Message, Non-Combat, Combat.

  • Chat Lines
    Sets the amount of lines displayed when an ingame chat is entered. Default value is 60.
    This option is only available to Premium Accounts.

  • Display nationalities in OOC chats and forums
    If set to yes, you will see a flag next to a player's name in OOC chats and forums, linking to his/her profile. You will only see a flag if a player has selected a country.

  • Display races and factions in IC chats and forums
    If set to yes, you will see a race and faction icon next to a player's name in IC chats and forums, linking to his/her profile.

  • Base Price Preview Calculation
    If set to enabled, you will see a dynamic calculation of prices when trading in planets or on starbases. On some computers this may lead to lag. If the trade screens are loading very slowly for you, try disabling this option.

  • Disable e-mail login
    For increased security you can choose to disallow logins using your e-mail address. This way possible hackers who already know your email address will need to get not only your password but also your account number. Make sure to not lose your account number if you enable this setting.

  • Delete account
    If you want to delete your account, type your account password here. Deletion here will trigger GNN news entries about all your characters' retirements. Note that there is no obligation to delete your account here if you do not want to play Pardus anymore. After one year of inactivity, accounts that never enjoyed a non-promotional Premium Account and that have no characters are automatically deleted.
    Also, deleting your account is an irreversible choice.

    Buildings and starbases vanish when the owner retires. If there were bounties on a character, they are paid back automatically to their placers; if a retired character was an alliance leader, leadership would be transferred to the first one of the following list who is not the same person as the leader: the treasurer, the application manager, the oldest senior member of the alliance, the oldest member of the alliance.

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