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Every new player chooses a race and a starting location. This choice is irreversible, short of deleting your character and starting another, but no race gets any relevant bonus that cannot be achieved eventually by members of other races. All of the factions in the game welcome members of all races.

Graphics by (Kora); click them to enlarge (~60KB each).

Female Ska'ari Male Ska'ari

The Ska'ari are a non-humanoid, silicon-based species, which evolved over millions of years in the gaseous pools of the Skaran southern hemisphere. A considerable quantity of radiation was released in this area by a disastrous asteroid impact on their homeworld, mutating the Ska'ari, who began producing offspring with enormous brains, high intelligence and partial telepathic abilities. In the following thousands of years they developed new technologies, expanded their territory, and made contacts with other species. By virtue of their unemotional nature and intellectual superiority, the Ska'ari are the premier deal-makers of the universe; their wealth makes it possible for them to equip each of their new pilots with a Rustclaw instead of the usual Sabre. Having evolved amidst the fierce electrical storms of the Skaran atmosphere, they are experts in handling gas and energy.
Most Ska'ari are part of the Empire.

Start BonusStart Location
  • Ship: Rustclaw
  • Skill: Energy collecting 20
  • Skill: Gas collecting 20
  • Empire Ska'ari Core cluster
  • Empire West Ska'ari cluster

Female Keldon Male Keldon

The people of the Keldon emerged from a herbivorous cold-blooded species. With their exceptional camouflage abilities, logical way of thinking and curiosity, they have developed into the most scientifically active explorer-race of today. It is no surprise that detailed plans for exploration and colonization of Keldana II existed decades before engineers even had a faint idea how to build drives and ships strong enough for this task.
In keldonian society, unprovoked agression is scorned, but the Keldon considerably contributed to the development of powerful Empire-ships through research in ultralight materials and weapon designs. However they never shrink from hard retaliations and are known for their uncompromising attitude towards enemies.
Most Keldon are part of the Empire or the Union.

Start BonusStart Location
  • Equipment: Map Pack II
  • Skill: Engineering 15
  • Skill: Cloaking 15
  • Empire Keldon Core cluster
  • Union Keldon Core cluster

Female Human Male Human

As the last of the major races to discover interstellar travel, one might think that the Humans are the 'weakest' of these races. Through their adaptability, negotiation skills, and countless covert operations however, they have been able to (mis)appropriate the technologies of other races for their own use. Humans are fast learners with excellent espionage abilities, and years of getting by on limited natural sources has made them masters of efficient asteroid mining and fuel collecting.
Most Humans are part of the Federation.

Start BonusStart Location
  • Skill: Hacking 15
  • Skill: Asteroid mining 15
  • Skill: Fuel collecting 15
  • Federation Human Core cluster
  • Federation South Human cluster

Female Rashkir Male Rashkir

The Rashkir are descended from a long line of warriors. Born and raised in a culture that glorifies battle and honor, Rashkir begin training at a young age to hone their battle-skills. Such extensive training makes young warriors of Rashkir blood easily distinguishable from those of others races, given the familiarity with which they handle their ships in combat. The Rashkir are known throughout the universe for their expertise in all matters of war.
In non-combat situations Rashkir are generally a courteous and polite people. Be assured, however, that despite his calm outward appearance the Rashkir has not let down his guard and is constantly assessing and re-assessing the situation, calculating odds should a need for combat arise.
Most Rashkir are part of the Federation or the Union.

Start BonusStart Location
  • Skill: Maneuver 15
  • Skill: Weaponry 15
  • Skill: Hit accuracy 15
  • Skill: Tactics 20
  • Federation Rashkir Core cluster
  • Union Rashkir Core cluster
  • Union North Rashkir cluster

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