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Faction Backgrounds

See also the Pardus Background Story.

The Federation The Federation
The Federation largely consists of Humans and Rashkir, though encountering a Federal Ska'ari or Keldonian is not unheard of. The Federation is the second oldest faction, founded in secret by a band of desperate rebels fighting against the Empire's rule. Under the guidance of the brilliant Jeff Sheridan, the Federation grew from a handful of discontent citizens to a strong and fiercely proud faction, eventually growing large enough to openly challenge the Empire and begin the Second Great War.

In times of peace, denizens of the Federation focus on boosting their economy and strengthening the security of their borders, determined that they will never again be oppressed as happened so long ago. The creative Human and battle-wise Rashkir combination has resulted in the production of the finest vessels in the universe; nowhere can a more efficient tradeship or a sleeker fighting craft be found than in a Federal shipyard.

The independent spirit the Federation was founded on still runs strong through the faction, and its members are proud of all it stands for. From simple traders to the most experienced fighters, the Federation offers opportunities to all, and gladly welcomes newcomers into Federal space.
Technologically specialized in ship construction and ship drives.
The Federation currently lays claim to the Federation Human Core, the Federation Rashkir Core and the Federation South Human Cluster in the western reaches of the universe, as well as the Federation Contingent within the Pardus Cluster.

The Empire The Empire
The Empire is comprised primarily of Ska'ari and Keldonians, though a scattering of other races can be found among its ranks. The oldest and wealthiest of the factions, the Empire was founded some time after the First Great War ended, when the power-hungry Ska'ari native Lar'nak proclaimed himself Emperor of the Universe. This declaration eventually split the universe and inadvertently led to the formation of the other factions, as well as instigated the Second Great War.

In less turbulent times, citizens of the Empire devote much time and resources into expanding trade routes and designing advanced weaponry with which to defend their borders and protect their pilots. The inherent business sense of the Ska'ari ensures the Empire's wealth will continue to grow, while the scientifically oriented minds of the Keldonians have produced some exceptionally fearsome weapons, envied and feared throughout the universe.

Today's Empire bears little resemblance to the savage days of Lar'nak's rule, and many a wayward pilot has found a permanent home in imperial space. From older, economically stable sectors to the wild frontiers of the Pardus Cluster, the Empire has much to offer pilots of all callings and experiences.
Technologically specialized in weaponry.
The Empire currently lays claim to the Empire Ska'ari Core, the Empire Keldon Core and the West Ska'ari Cluster in the southern reaches of the universe, as well as the Empire Contingent within the Pardus Cluster.

The Union The Union
The youngest of all the factions, the Union predominantly consists of Rashkir and Keldonians, although this roguish faction has attracted members from all over the universe. The Union was formed after the Second Great War was already well under way, when its founder, "Mad" Max Sheppard, started selling arms to both the Federation and the Empire. As the Union's numbers grew, members began organizing secret attacks on the warring factions, calculated to instigate further battles.

When the Union's devious actions were at last uncovered, all remaining members fled and went into hiding. The weakened Union survived only because of their superior technology - allowing the outlaws to exist undetected. Union researchers continued to improve upon their designs and today the Union possesses the most advanced ship equipment available anywhere.

Union members today are no longer forced to live in hiding, though a pilot flying a Union flag may not always be welcome in Federal or Imperial space. Pilots that just don't fit in elsewhere in the universe can often find a home with the Union, as this comparatively small faction is always happy to expand its numbers.
Technologically specialized in defensive and special ship equipment.
The Union currently lays claim to the Union Keldon Core, the Union Rashkir Core and the North Rashkir Cluster in the eastern reaches of the universe, as well as the Union Contingent within the Pardus Cluster.

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