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Syndicate Bonuses

The following is a list of all competency levels and which syndicate-only ships/equipment gets available. Hover over images to find out their meanings.

The Shadow Syndicate
The Shadow Syndicate
Esteemed Pilots Syndicate
Esteemed Pilots Syndicate
Competency Level 1 Bodypart Masker
TSS crew member (TSS ship required)
EPS Contraband Scanner (EPS ship required)
EPS Contraband Drone (EPS ship required)
EPS Core Sensitizer (EPS ship required)
Any faction crew member (EPS ship required)
Competency Level 2 Single Wave Interferometer
Competency Level 3 Damping Field Generator
Competency Level 4 Cloaking DeviceSignature Dissipator
Competency Level 5 Light Dematerializer Mk.IHackotron 5000
Competency Level 6 RoverImproved Cloaking DeviceZ Series Ion DriveHeavy MO89 Lord
Competency Level 7 Dual Wave Interferometer
Light Dematerializer Mk.IIComplex Signature Dissipator
Competency Level 8 Medium Dematerializer Mk.I
Reinforced Damping Field Generator
Competency Level 9 ReaperMisappropriated Missile Battery Celeus
Competency Level 10 Blood LannerTriple Wave Interferometer
Medium Dematerializer Mk.II
Competency Level 11 Heavy Dematerializer Mk.IHackotron 6000Z Series Hyper DriveOverloaded King Relon Prototype Vulcan
Competency Level 12 Sudden DeathPerfected Damping Field Generator Nano
Competency Level 13 HarvesterHeavy Dematerializer Mk.II Liberator EPS

Installing faction-equipment on a ship from another faction or on a syndicate-only ship is not possible!
Installing syndicate-only equipment on a faction ship or a ship with faction-only equipment is not possible!

With a TSS ship, joining any faction or the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate is not possible!
With an EPS ship, joining The Shadow Syndicate is not possible!

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