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Faction Alignment


Faction Alignment

Disclosed alliances can have their alignment bound to one of the three factions (Federation, Empire, Union). [MECH:Creating/Joining an Alliance]
If this is the case, all members of the alliance have to be in the chosen faction; this shows their loyalty and is required for declaring Private Conflict to opposing alliances of the same faction. Also, all members will receive a daily reputation bonus (6 points) from their faction.

If you as the leader decide to change the faction alignment of your alliance, you should first switch to neutral. Neutral means that pilots of every faction are allowed in your alliance. Now your alliance members may switch to the new faction which you should set after all members have joined the new faction. You will automatically convert to the new faction. If there are any members left who are still neutral or in another faction, they will be kicked once you change faction alignment.
- If switching to something other than neutral, join requests will be cancelled.
- Switching alliance alignment is only possible every 30 days.

Private Conflict

In the period beginning 48 hours after this declaration all rivals of both sides are exempt from reputation losses or gains in combat activities. [REF:Reputation]
Twentyfour hours after the conflict declaration, peace can be proposed from the leader of either side. If the other side accepts, the conflict status ends.
- Members of the declaring alliance will suffer a reputation loss when leaving the alliance during the private conflict. [REF:Reputation]

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