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Combat Procedure

Since Pardus is a browser game, only the attacker actively takes part in combat; the defender will get notified about all combats immediately after they have taken place. Attacking can also happen automatically in an ambush, where the attacker even does not need to be online. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush]
For an attack to be possible, the opposing participants/entities need to be present on the same field.

There are 2 different types of weapons:
  • Lasers have unlimited firepower and are available in a big range of masses, strengths, and firerates.
  • Missiles are single-shot explosive flying objects steered into enemies with the help of an internal processor. They may be used only once and have to be re-purchased and reloaded, but generally have higher destructive power than lasers.
Combat in Pardus happens in combat rounds. In combat you fire all of your lasers every round. You have less control over missiles - they randomly fire once in a set of combat rounds if you selected to use them in combat.

The following example describes PvM and PvP combat well. PvBuilding works in a similar way, but with only one round per combat. [MECH:PvBuilding Combat]. Starbase combat with squads is completely different though. [MECH:Starbase Combat]

An example 20-round combat between player Alice with two ART-4 missiles and player Bob with four ART-3 missiles could look like this:
(ART = Average Reload Time: Average amount of combat rounds where a missile needs reloading and is not fired. [REF:Equipment])

- ... Lasers are fired
X ... Lasers and one missile are fired
| ... Reload time for missile begins/ends

        01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20
Alice: | -   X   -   -   - | -   -   X   -   - | -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
  Bob: | -   X   -   - | X   -   -   - | -   -   -   X | X   -   -   - | -   -   -   -

The probability to hit someone with lasers is determined by the attacker's Hit Accuracy skill, size and engine of the attacked vessel (smaller size and better engine means a higher evasion ability) and the opponent's Maneuver and Tactics skill.
The probability to hit someone with missiles is primarily determined through the defender's size and engine, as well as the missile's intelligence. [REF:Missile Hit Probabilities]. Additionally, the defender's Maneuver and the attacker's Tactics skill play a small role too. In every combat you may freely select the missiles you want to attack with, if you have some on board.

Amount of damage inflicted on shield/armor/hull is dependant on your weapon, your Weaponry skill, your opponent's Engineering skill, and his/her armor.

It is possible to either raid or destroy other ships, if they are not under protection. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush] [MECH:Protection & Docking]. By destroying, one gains experience points by the amount of 1% of the victim's experience and some metal or electronics depending on the victim's ship. (The experience gain is 2%, should victim and attacker be in The Shadow Syndicate and Esteemed Pilots Syndicate, respectively, or vice versa.)
Both these actions can have a negative effect on reputation. [REF:Reputation]

To prevent abuse, there has to be at least one second between all kinds of combats.

It is possible to consume usable commodities such as drugs or robots before or between battles in the combat screen.

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