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Protection & Docking


Tutorial and Newbie Protection

In the tutorial you cannot suffer any damages in interaction with other players. You cannot be attacked by players and cannot attack players and buildings as well. You are also not able to transfer goods and credits to other players, to hack or use teleporters, to see cloaked or ambushing ships, to 'Fly close' to starbases, or to trade with military outposts.

After the completion of the tutorial, you are under newbie protection for your first 50,000 APs. In this time you cannot be attacked or telerobbed by players and cannot attack players. NPCs of the Locust family do not block you. Because of abuse and cheating prevention, you cannot transfer goods and credits to others, and you are not able to hack or use teleporters, to see cloaked or ambushing ships, to 'Fly close' to starbases, or to trade with military outposts. Your turnover is set to zero, and you cannot use credit hacks in raids. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush]

Please note that none of the above arrangements will protect you from NPCs or from getting destroyed through other means. [MECH:Ship Destruction]

General Protection

After your first 50,000 APs played, your ship is generally protected from all kinds of attacks on fields containing the following objects:
Planet StarbaseAll kinds of planets and starbases
Wormhole X-hole Y-holeWormholes, X-holes, Y-holes

This protection can be nullified by certain happenings:
  • On PSBs, the owner may put you on his/her foe list. [MECH:Friends & Foes] [MECH:Contacts]
  • You may lose faction reputation for certain actions, such as raiding or destroying other ships. If your reputation of a faction falls below a certain level after repeatedly displaying such behaviour, you will lose all protection on above protection zones in the respective faction's territory. (You can never lose this kind of protection in neutral territory.) [MECH:Factions] [MECH:Reputation]
    However, a PSB owner may set you on his/her friend list, which will predominate your reputations, and will always give you protection on his/her starbase as long as you are on the list. [MECH:Friends & Foes] [MECH:Contacts]
To check with a single click if you are protected on the field your are staying on currently, just press Check Cluster & Protection in the bottom of the status window on the nav screen.

There is also no protection when staying on buildings or while you are trading with buildings, though in this case the building and not your ship will be seen from other fields on the nav screen.


Docking on planets and starbases

After you have used up your 50,000 APs of newbie protection, you may still be protected from attacks on certain fields, but you will have no more protection whatsoever from being telerobbed, except by putting your ship in dock on planets or starbases. [MECH:Teleporting]
Docking your ship costs 10 APs and is possible on planets and starbases by clicking Put ship in dock in the commands window on the nav screen, if your reputation is not very low, and in case of a PSB if you are not on the owner's foe list. Docking will completely remove your ship from the nav screen; nobody will be able to see or telerob you. However, note that your position still can be found out with hacking. [MECH:Hacking & Firewalls]
To undock your ship, press the Launch Ship button on the nav screen.

Most players usually end their gaming session by docking their ships.

Players under newbie protection will be logged out automatically on their current field after about six hours of inactivity, regardless if docking there would be an option or not.

Docking in your own building

You may also dock your ship in a building you own. Your ship will not be visible on the Nav screen, but it will be used to defend the building should it come under attack. Your drive's evasion bonus will not be active while defending your building. Players under newbie protection may be destroyed by other players this way.
Your ship will be automatically repaired slowly for free while docked at your building. You need to be docked for at least three hours until the repair process starts.

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