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Ship Destruction



When an adventurer's ship is destroyed, one of the following happens:
  • Escape pod installed
    The player manages to escape, using this pod. The pod is lost, as is the ship's cargo. After returning to the homeplanet, insurance issues a new ship of the same model as the lost one - including equipment lost (except for the escape pod). Besides, any legendary crew member on board will leave and your ordinary crew will request hazard pay. [MECH:Crew]

  • No escape pod installed
    The player dies and has to be cloned from stored genetic material and brain waves on his homeplanet. This results in a temporary loss of 50% of all basic skills for about 23 - 24 hours. In addition to the cargo, one random piece of equipment (including armor) is also lost - but this will never be your engine. A ship of the same model as the lost one is restored. Besides, all ship crew is lost. [MECH:Crew]
    Actual basic skills can never fall below 9.

In both cases, 5% of the experience points, 1.5% of your basic skills as well as 1000 APs are lost, and every piece of equipment takes 15% condition-damage. Premium Accounts lose only 4% of their experience points and 1.2% of their skills.


The homeworld, or homeplanet, is the place where the player will respawn after destruction, with ship in dock. Every cluster, except the Pardus Core, has a homeworld, usually in the center. Homeworlds are marked with a H on the [REF:Map of the Universe].
Changing your homeworld is possible by landing on the homeplanet and pressing Set new homeworld. This action costs 4000 APs. [MECH:Planets & Starbases]

Destruction Types

If your ship gets destroyed, you will be informed about it on a destruction screen. There are various ways of being blown up into pieces:

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