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Universe Structure & Jumps


Universe Structure

The Pardus Universe is structured like this:

The universe is divided into about 400 sectors by impassable blue energy boundaries. A collection of more or less 20 sectors belonging together is called cluster. A cluster can be either under faction control or neutral. [MECH:Factions]
All sectors are connected via wormholes or similar links:


Flying through one of the following link objects is called jumping, since your ship's position will be altered in a non-continuous way (i.e. you will enter a new place in another sector).

Wormholes can be found at the edge of every sector. Space is folded here in a way that allows movement of ships between sectors that are otherwise far removed. Wormholes are often surrounded by ambushing pirates waiting for their prey - take care when approaching one!
If you encounter a wormhole that leads nowhere, don't be alarmed - science has simply not yet found a way to open it.

To jump through a wormhole, simply click on Jump to [destination-sector] in the Commands window. At the beginning, a wormhole jump will cost you over 20 APs. This value will decrease if you gain maneuver skill. [MECH:Basic Skills]


Only a handful of these so-called x-holes exist in the known universe. An x-hole is leads to other x-holes simultaneously - an immeasurably important object for strategical purposes.

To jump through an x-hole, simply select your destination via dropdown menu and click Jump in the Commands window:
X-hole destination-box
At the beginning, an x-hole jump will cost you over 2,000 APs. This value will decrease if you gain maneuver skill. [MECH:Basic Skills]


Y-holes behave in a similar way to x-holes, but the difference is that they can only be entered to jump to an x-hole - you will never come out of a y-hole. These even rarer links can only be found in the Pardus Cluster. [TWOP:Pardus Territory]

Jumping through a y-hole works exactly as jumping through an x-hole.

Sheppard Warp Gate

On every Union-controlled planet, one Sheppard Warp Gate can be found, enabling instant travel to any other Union-controlled planet. Accessible on the planet's faction screen, only active Union members in control of a Key of Sheppard are able to utilize this powerful installation. [MECH:Planets & Starbases] [REF:Equipment]
Destinations within the Pardus Cluster are excluded for players without an active Premium Account. [TWOP:Pardus Cluster]

Jumping through a Sheppard Warp Gate always has the same costs: 1,000 APs and 500,000 credits.

One should never attempt to use wormholes, x-holes or y-holes with damaged hull - subspace anomalies during jumps affect ship hulls and can be deadly!

Wormholes become dirty after someone's ship was destroyed in a jump, when someone transported explosives and they detonated, or sometimes just from many jumps. Dirty wormholes need more APs to pass; they can be cleaned. Cleaning jobs are sometimes offered in bulletin boards. [MECH:Missions]

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