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Nav Screen Windows



Status Window

See [MECH:Movement & Status].


Commands Window

Here you can execute all commands currently available on your field. These include:

  • Land on planet/Enter Starbase: On planets and in space stations you can trade, get jobs, join factions, check and offer bounties and enhance your ship - or even buy a new one. [MECH:Planets & Starbases]

  • Enter building: Buildings are player owned structures. You can enter both your own buildings and buildings owned by other players:
    • In your own buildings you can transfer stock from and to your ship, upgrade the defenses and operational capabilities of your building and set the trading option. If the trading option is set, other players will be able to buy from your building or supply it, for the prices you have specified.
    • If you enter a building owned by another player you can choose to trade, raid or destroy this building - be aware that the last two actions will activate the building's defenses!

  • Create building: Create a new building. This option is only available when no building, wormhole, planet or starbase exists in this field. The type of building you can build depends on the field type. Constructing any building takes metal, energy and other commodities, and 500 Action Points. [MECH:Building Construction]

  • Put ship in dock:  You should put your ship in dock when you are finished playing. Otherwise you could become a target while you are not playing! You can only put your ship in dock at planets, starbases or buildings you own. In the last case your ship will be slowly automatically repaired and used to defend the building should it come under attack. [MECH:Protection & Docking]

  • Fill up tank:  Only available when you have fuel in your cargo hold. Is automated by an Auto Refueler.
  • Mine/Collect resource: [MECH:Fields & Mining]

  • Send distress call:  Will be received by all ships nearby, enemies and friends alike. You should only use this in the greatest of emergencies! In clusters with crime level lower than critical there may also be a Fuel Tanker coming to your aid.


Ship Window

See [MECH:Ship].


Cargo Window

Shows the current content and remaining free space in your cargo hold. With Drop you can discard cargo. This will be lost forever!
If you are in orbit of a planet or an NPC starbase, dropping goods that would serve the planet or starbase as essential upkeep will lead to a loss of popularity.

Other Ships

Other Ships Window

This window only appears when other vessels are present on your current field. Here you can trade or give the order to attack. [MECH:Ship-to-Ship Trade] [MECH:PvP Combat]

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