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Neutral Humanoids

Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker

Disposition: Docile
Rarity: Common
Region: Clusters with crime level less than critical
Dispatching from planets and space stations throughout the universe, Fuel Tankers are always on the alert for distress calls and prepared to quickly come to the aid of pilots stranded without fuel. Using advanced pressurization technology to compress hydrogen fuel to a dense liquid state, Fuel tankers can transport great quantities of fuel across vast distances. Though these industrial workhorses carry only light weaponry, the many perils of space travel ensure they are heavily armored. There have been some reports of attacks on these rescue vehicles, particularly in areas where fuel is a scarce commodity; however, even pilots of questionable ethics might think twice about the wisdom of firing at a large, flying fuel tank.


Disposition: Suspected Aggressive
Rarity: Uncommon
Region: Lahola Sector
While some think of the Biks as the lunatic followers of a sect seeking absolution through their own annihilation, scientists tell the story of a tragic cloning accident in the life of an old pirate. Clones from the date of this incident up to the current day retained serious flaws, most of the time only managing to enter their Liberator and seek the nearest source of laser fire, though occasionally merchants report actually talking to a Biks and even selling them a nuclear drive. What is going on in the minds of these creatures remains a mystery.

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