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Fields & Mining

Every field, except the viral cloud type, contains an amount (0 to 500) of one of the natural resources which regenerate slowly, with the exception of exotic matter which has a high regeneration rate.
These resources can be collected or mined, by clicking the appropriate command in the commands window on the nav screen.

Space Hydrogen Fuel
Hydrogen Fuel

Fuel, the most important, but also the most common and one of the least valuable resources in the universe, enables flight of spaceships. To manually collect it on open space you need a Fuel Scoop - a must for every vessel. There is also a special equipment named Bussard Ramscoop which enables your ship to automatically harvest fuel while moving if certain requirements are met. [MECH:Equipment]

Energy Energy

A natural, blue energy field surrounds every sector. On the edge of that field collection of energy is possible. It is also the preferred hangout of pirates, as the high-energy radiation enables easy cloaking. [MECH:Cloaking]

Nebula Nebula Gas
Nebula Gas

Nebulas are concentrated clouds of chemicals. Due to the energy richness and limited visibility in these nebulas, all kinds of cloaked space monsters hide here. The gas that can be extracted is used to make medicines and heavy plastics. [REF:Production Tree]

Asteroids Ore

Many of the rocks in asteroid fields contain iron ore in their core. For the production of metals, this ore can be burnt out of the rock by using a Mining Laser. Asteroid mines may be built here which also provide gemstones - which are needed on D-class planets and in Optical Research Centers. [REF:Production Tree]

Jeff K. Foam Exotic Matter
Exotic Matter

This type of quantum singularity - also known as "Jeff K. Foam" - sends out a practically endless stream of exotic matter. Navigating these fields requires all the energy the engines can produce. It is suspected that only a handful of these sources exist in the whole universe.

Exotic matter regenerates at a constant rate and a lot faster than other natural resources. Further, when harvesting it, one gets always the same amount of exotic matter; there is no skill for exotic matter collecting like for other resources. [MECH:Basic Skills]

Viral Cloud

This deadly field type, the Viral Cloud, can only be found in the ancient Pardus Sector. Flying through one field will decrease your ship's armor by 20 points. [TWOP:Pardus Sector]

Harvesting on fields with only few resources left (commonly referred to as "stripmining") is not lucrative and often scorned upon, as the less there is left, the slower fields will regenerate.

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