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Pardus Sector

The core of the Pardus Universe consists of the Pardus Sector, in the center of the Pardus Cluster. The area of the Pardus Sector is about 20 times as big as the area of an average sector, housing numerous highly skilled, dangerous and some unique NPCs.
But not only many of these cloaked and/or roaming NPCs make the Pardus Sector dangerous and interesting - it also contains a unique field type:

Viral Cloud

These Viral Clouds were formed through a bizarre combination of virus, nebula gas, and hydrogen. The resulting substance is highly corrosive to any craft propelling through it, causing 20 damage to armor per traveled field.

There is also high radiation throughout the sector, most likely leaked from the countless ships and construction facilities destroyed during the Great War. This radiation causes 10 hull damage every 6 minutes!

Protection Station

However, the Galactic Council was able to smuggle commodities needed for the construction of a few Protection Stations into hidden nooks of the Pardus Sector, where all ships are protected from this deadly radiation. Also no combat is possible at these stations.

Additionally, the destructive properties of the Viral Cloud combined with high radiation fields renders constructing any conventional buildings or starbases impossible.

More exceptional points:

Lucidi Weapon StationLucidi Armor Station

Lucidi automated weapon and armor stations: The Lucidi built these fully automated stations to upgrade their pilots' equipment. As long as you bring enough exotic crystals and manage to avoid their patrols, you can dupe the Lucidi and acquire their powerful tools for yourself!

Exotic Crystal SourceWrecked Pardus Planet

Exotic Crystals generate around the wrecked Pardus planets.

Exotic Crystal SourceXalgucennia

Exotic Crystals can sometimes be found on NPCs.


Many wrecks, some of which contain treasure, from long forgotten battles and settlements.

Open Wormhole SealClosed Wormhole Seal

The Lucidi have attached seals to all wormholes leading into the Pardus Sector. As was discovered, one wormhole is always sealed, but it is unknown how or when seals are opened or closed.
Every adventurer entering the Pardus Sector should be extremely cautious!

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