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A bounty is a certain amount of credits placed on a player's head ("kill") or building ("destroy"). Bounties can be placed automatically by factions, or by players for any ingame reasons. Placing and viewing all bounties is possible on the universal bounty board, accessible on all planets and starbases. [MECH:Planets & Starbases]. Besides, a list of the pilots with the highest bounties on them is available under the Most Wanted tab.

Another way of putting money on a player's or even an alliance's or a faction's head can be accomplished by the use of [MECH:Tasks]. This allows for more complex scenarios with the drawback of the tasks' less global nature, i.e. players having to find and accept the task.

Placing a Bounty

Placing a bounty is possible under the bounty board's Place tab. The first three bounties placed by a player each require a minimum amount of 75,000 credits. The minimum reward for subsequent bounties increases in steps of 25,000 credits.
Once you have placed your bounty, it will not be visible to the public immediately. Due to game design and anti-abuse reasons, your bounty will be first queued for 24 hours. After this time has passed, your bounty will be made public with a GNN news entry, and bounty hunters may collect it then. You can see and cancel all your queued and placed bounties under the Placed Bounties tab. You may not place more than one kill and one destroy bounty on the same player; these are the only restrictions. Editing a placed bounty is not possible directly, but only by cancelling the old bounty and placing a new one. Note the cancellation policy: 100% of reward back when cancelled during queuing phase, 75% of reward back when cancelled within 7 days, 99% of reward back when cancelled after 7 days.

Faction Bounties

For a list of all ingame actions a player can be bountied for by a faction see the [REF:Code of Law].
The reward of faction bounties of type "destroy" are only dependent on the committed crime. Rewards of faction bounties on a player's head also factor in the target's experience and kill/death ratio. The lowest multiplier resulting from these factors is 1 - meaning bounties on a player's head end up as high or higher than those on buildings. [REF:Formulas]
To minimize abuse a death within the last 30 days sets the multiplier to 1. In addition there is a limit a faction bounty on a player's head cannot exceed, again depending on the target's experience and kill/death ratio. When the maximum reward is met new faction bounties will not increase its reward but still refresh the time until the bounty is withdrawn. If the maximum is not met but the bounties of all factions combined exceed 5,000,000 credits, the multiplicator is set to 1 for any bounties going over that amount.
Faction bounties are active for a certain amount of time and will be removed automatically if not collected. Faction bounties are active for 30 days from the time of placement or refreshment if they are under 20,000 credits. Any faction bounties over that amount of credits are active for 60 days. Faction bounties lead to a daily reputation loss of -5 per bounty type. [REF:Reputation]

Bounty Hunting

One may get actively involved in bounty hunting by seeking and destroying players or one of their buildings with bounties on them. Since constantly looking up the bounty board can be quite tiresome, there are special software tools available in the Ship Equipment centers under Specials on planets and starbases.
These so-called Bounty Links come in three implementations:
  • Bounty Link I Bounty Link I
    Shows if a player has a bounty on his/her head in the other ships window of the nav screen.

  • Bounty Link II Bounty Link II
    In addition, bounty rewards are shown too.

  • Bounty Link III Bounty Link III
    In addition, building bounties and rewards are shown too.
Bounty links also give additional options in the ambush screen. [MECH:Raiding & Ambush].

Bounties on PlayerBy clicking on a player's name in the other ships window, the bounty origins on him/her will be listed, as seen in the left image (with bounty link II or III).

A red name means at least one faction bounty, a yellow one signalizes only player bounties.

For the details of how bounty hunting works in practice, see [MECH:Raiding & Ambush].

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