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Starbase Construction

adapted from The Player Owned Starbase Guide
by Moray Darktide, based on the original guide by Paradis


Each pilot can only own one starbase. A starbase will fill a building slot, but will not show up on the Buildings overview tab. Instead there will be a new Starbase overview tab.
Here one can get an overview of all stored commodities and prices, set prices for commodities, ships and equipment, and order construction of ships and equipment. Other less frequently used options available here are setting population cap, editing welcome message, changing the starbase name, or transferring starbase ownership.
All of these options are available at the starbase itself as well. [MECH:Starbase Maintenance]


Player starbases are upgraded from trade outposts. [MECH:Special Buildings]. To be eligible for upgrade, a trade outpost must be built on space, energy, or nebula (not asteroids or exotic matter) and meet certain distance requirements to terrain features:


15 fields to any kind of starbases and planets


5 fields to wormholes, x-holes, y-holes

Faction Military OutpostLucidi Military Outpost

5 fields to faction or Lucidi military outposts

Before construction of a trade outpost is finalized, a confirmation window will come up that states if it will be possible to upgrade it at the chosen spot or not.

Once the trade outpost is constructed, the upgrade process must be started manually by clicking a link at the bottom of the building screen - it does not start automatically!
Once the process is started, the trade outpost will be at upgrade stage 1. The upgrade stage is shown at the bottom of the building screen. At a set time each day, 75 tons of metal, 50 tons of electronics, and 25 tons of battleweapon parts will be consumed and the stage increased by one. After a total of 525 tons of metal, 350 tons of electronics, and 175 tons of battleweapon parts have been consumed this way, the stage shows Waiting for completion instead of stage 8.
There will now be a Complete upgrade link among the building links. Clicking this link will finalize the upgrade and a name for the starbase must be entered.
NOTE: All defense modules on the trade outpost and any commodities still in it will be lost after the upgrade.

Production & Consumption

See [REF:Commodities & Planets], under Player Starbases.

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