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Ship/Equipment Construction

adapted from The Player Owned Starbase Guide
by Moray Darktide, based on the original guide by Paradis

Starbase OverviewEvery shipyard or factory will have its own building queue, accessible from Overview → Starbase. After ordering a production, the required credits and commodities will be consumed each cycle until the item is finished. A cycle takes place at the same time as in NPC starbases, every 3 hours. Before the first cycle orders can be cancelled freely, without any losses. Canceling later means any progress (and credits/commodities) will be lost.
If there is not enough of either credits or commodities in the starbase, construction will stall without further ill effects. Once finished, construction of the next item in the factory's queue will be started automatically.
Any finished items will be available for purchase at the starbase's shipyard or ship equipment screen. Some default prices are preset, but it is recommended to adjust these to better match the local economy.

Construction of faction equipment or faction ships is only possible when the starbase belongs to the respective faction.

For more details see [REF:Ship/Equipment Construction].

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