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Most ship types have crew seats providing space for additional crew members besides the ship's captain, the player. These crew seats may be filled by NPC crew members, which may hired in the crew quarters on all planets. [MECH:Planets & Starbases]

To hire a crew member, visit the crew quarters and click on the available crew member's Hire button. Provided you have a free crew seat left and enough credits for the chosen crew member's sign-up fee, this fee will be subtracted and the crew member will join your ship as a crew mate. Once daily, the crew mate's pay is subtracted from your credits pool. The cumulative pay and the time left until the automatic payment is displayed under Overview→Ship. There you may also inspect your crew by clicking →Inspect Crew. To dismiss crew members, click on the Dismiss button on any planet's crew quarters, and the crew member will move to these quarters. You may also dismiss a crew member in outer space via the crew inspection window, however this comes with a higher cost of Action Points.

All crew members belong to one of the four galactic races. Hiring crew members of one's own race is advantageous since this yields a financial bonus of 20% concerning sign-up fee and pay. There are two types of crew members: ordinary and legendary crew members.

When purchasing a new ship containing a sufficient amount of crew seats, all crew members are transferred. If the new ship has fewer crew seats than the current amount of crew members on board the old ship, the surplus amount of crew members has to be dismissed before the ship purchase can be finalized.

Ordinary Crew Members

These mates are abundantly available throughout the whole universe. Ordinary crew members have a level (lvl) between 1 and 5, and a special ability to help out their captain.
  • Navigator: adds 1+lvl to the captain's maneuver skill
  • Gatherer: adds 0.5*(1+lvl) points to all the captain's collecting skills
  • Tactician: adds 0.5*(1+lvl) points to the captain's tactics and hit accuracy skills
  • Engineer: adds 0.5*(1+lvl) points to the captain's engineering and weaponry skills
  • Hacker: adds 0.5*(1+lvl) points to the captain's cloaking and hacking skills
  • Missile Technician (Federation): adds +1 intelligence to all missiles
  • Ordnance Officer (Empire): temporarily increases gun condition by 30 percentage points during combat (fewer misfires)
  • Anti-gravity Specialist (Union): decreases chance of being tractored in building combat by 25%
  • Ambush Strategist (TSS): increases maximum of ambush rounds by 2
Ordinary Crew Member Depending on a planet's size, up to 8 ordinary crew members may be generated, ranging between levels from 1 to 3. Old crew members disappear after they have not been hired for a time, to be replaced with newly generated ones. After serving onboard a player's ship for 60 days without advancing a level, an ordinary crew member has a daily 5% chance to gain a level, without an increase in pay. Faction/syndicate crew members do not advance in level. There cannot be more than one faction crew member and one syndicate crew member on a ship at the same time. Faction crew members only join and stay with pilots of the same faction and appropriate rank (see [MECH:Faction Ranks & Bonuses]). Syndicate crew members only board syndicate ships. EPS pilots piloting EPS ships may hire a crew member of any faction.

In case of ship destruction all ordinary crew members demand a hazard pay increase of 1.5 times what his or her former pay was if an escape pod was installed. Over time their confidence in your piloting abilities is going to be regained with them gradually returning to their original salary.
If no escape pod was installed all ordinary crew members are lost.

Legendary Crew Members

Only a handful of these legends of legends exist in the Pardus universes, roaming from place to place, always searching for the next captain to join and wild adventure to undertake. Legendary crew members have a fixed primary as well as a secondary ability, providing an enormous advantage in certain skills or actions for their captain. This comes with a high cost: daily pay for these elite members range in the hundred thousands, sign-up fees in the millions.

Except for those with the Loyalist ability, legendary crew members naturally leave their captain after 30 days. In this case, in case of ship destruction (regardless of having an escape pod or not), or in case of being dismissed, the legendary crew member begins (invisibly to players) roaming the universe for at least three days, randomly looking for a home planet where no other legendary crew member is offering their services. Once an appropriate place is found, the crew member will dock and offer to join captains in the crew quarters. If for about seven days no player is willing to hire this crew member, they will start roaming again.

Legendary Crew Member Besides abilities, legendary crew members also have an esteem which can be despised, neutral, or respected. A captain with a despised crew member receives a daily penalty of -10 reputation points to all reputation values, a captain with a respected crew member a bonus of +10 points. Neutral legendary crew members give neither a bonus nor a penalty.

When clicking on Legendary Crew Members on top of the Crew Quarters screen, one is able to gather information about the current employment status and captain of any legendary crew member in the universe.

It is only possible to have one legendary crew member on one's ship. For a list of all legendary crew members and their abilities see [REF:Legendary Crew Members].

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