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Laser/Armor Class

Lasers and armors are separated into 4 classes:

Available on all planets and starbases, these weapons are the base of most space warfare. Conventional lasers use classic energy-focusing methods; conventional armors are alloys from highly purified metals. Though this kind of equipment has shown to be very robust, more and more pilots switch to advanced hyper-technologies.
Mostly scooped and extracted from genetically engineered space maggots, worms and amoebas, this armor/laser-class is available at Bio-Tech Research Stations. [TWOP:NPC Buildings]
In experiments primarily involving Blue Crystals, scientists are continually uncovering new secrets about one of the universe's most powerful forces - electro-magnetism. Available at EM-Tech Research Stations. [TWOP:NPC Buildings]
Only rumours and stories exist about the ancient Pardus weapons. Allegedly they can be acquired in the Pardus Sector. [TWOP:NPC Buildings] [TWOP:Pardus Sector]

Every ship can be equipped with any armor type, but with only one. Weapons are completely independent from the armor, but O and E weapons cannot be installed on the same ship, because of incompatibilities for a ship's central targeting unit between these weapon-classes.

All non-conventional weapons and armors can only be sold at the corresponding research station, or are sold automatically for 50% of their buy-price when purchasing a new ship.

Missiles are not affected by armor classes.

The efficiency matrix for all classes can be seen here (all values in %):

Laser \ ArmorCOEPSum

For example: Attacking an organic armor with electro-magnetic weapons inflicts 125% of the base damage.

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