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PvBuilding Combat

Player versus Building - or PvBuilding - combat refers to combat between two players, where one of them attacks the building of another one.

To attack a building, enter it first. You can only attack round by round, and have two combat options, each one costs 50 APs per round:
Building Combat Options
  • Raid building
    If there are no combat defense modules on the building, you will raid a percentage of commodities from the building's upkeep stock or other cargo space, as selected. This only works if your ship has free cargo space.

  • Damage building
    If there are no combat defense modules on the building, you will remove one structure point of the building. A building has 100 structure points when built. EPS ships remove 2 structure points from illegal buildings and military outposts in one round of building attack. [MECH:Syndicates]
Above operations are only possible if there are no combat defense modules installed on the building, which is usually not the case. If there is at least one combat module there, your ship will fight one round against all combat modules in both combat options. Your ship will only shoot at one randomly chosen module, while all modules will shoot at your ship. Since 15 modules are installable per building (although with very high costs at the end), a well defended building may be very hard to destroy.

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