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For each faction a player has an own respective Reputation (Rep), indicating his/her relation to it. It changes with some of the actions s/he can perform. 0 means neutral, positive good and negative bad. A bad reputation has no huge disadvantages (except a very negative one); this system makes it harder for pirates to use constant hit-n-hide tactics near protection zones. It can also be used to appear as loyal fighter, reliable trader or feared pirate. Joining syndicates requires certain reputation levels as join requirement. [MECH:Syndicates]
ReputationOne's current reputation levels are displayed in the stats screen under Overview → Stats.
Joining a faction is only possible when the respective Rep is above -200. Also, one is kicked from the faction when Rep falls under this value.

Alliances aligned to a faction are able to declare Private Conflict to opposing alliances of the same faction, where reputation effects are nullified in all fights between members of the respective alliances. [MECH:Faction Alignment]

If a player has a bounty on his/her head which was placed by his/her own faction, any attacks on him/her are free of reputation loss.
If a player has a bounty on his/her buildings which was placed by his/her own faction, any attempts to destroy his/her facilities are free of reputation loss. [MECH:Bounties]

If an attacker is destroyed during combat, all possible positive effects apply to the defender.

Special rules apply to attacks on and by players that are outlawed by one or more factions. [REF:Reputation]

Below you find a summary of all effects (for details see [REF:Reputation]):

Positive Effects on Rep
  • Accomplishing missions [MECH:Missions]
  • Killing certain rogue NPCs (such as pirates)
  • Being in a faction and destroying a ship from an opposing faction during a High Tensions or War faction-relationship [MECH:Factions]
  • Being in a faction and destroying or raiding a building from an opposing faction during a War faction-relationship [MECH:Factions]
  • Being member of a faction-aligned alliance [MECH:Creating/Joining an Alliance]
  • Being member of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate [MECH:Syndicates]
In the third case the gained rep depends on the opponent's rank too. (i.e. Killing an enemy Admiral in War gives more Rep than killing an enemy Recruit)

Negative Effects on Rep
  • Maintaining illegal buildings (stronger effect on faction territory)
  • Killing or raiding members from the same faction or factions during a Good relationship [MECH:Factions]
  • Negative Rep from opposing factions when killing or raiding one of their members or buildings regardless of faction relation
  • Getting caught hacking a faction planet/starbase database or being noticed in a telerobbery of a faction pilot
  • Leaving your alliance while being in one or more self-declared private conflicts [MECH:Faction Alignment]
  • Being member of The Shadow Syndicate [MECH:Syndicates]
When destroying or raiding other ships from a faction, the lost Rep always depends on the opponent's rank too.

Additionally, Rep converges towards zero for everyone daily; the farther away from zero, the faster.

Negative Rep has disadvantages on faction planets and faction starbases depending on severity:
  • -500 < Rep ≤ -250: No protection (including wormholes)
  • -2000 < Rep ≤ -500: Also, one's ship cannot be put in dock
  • -7500 < Rep ≤ -2000: Also no repairs
  • Rep ≤ -7500: No trading

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