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Alliances are player-created entities with the purpose to combine the strengths of individual players to a group and allow them to operate with joined forces for their aims. An alliance needs to have at least one member; there is no upper limit. Every alliance has a name which other players will see in certain places. No player is obliged to be member of an alliance, but since the benefits of being one are apparent, most choose to join or create an alliance. A player can only be member of one alliance at a time.

Alliance Benefits

Aside from the sense of belonging, increased socialization and assistance from other members, alliance features include:
  • Separate alliance chat channel which can only be accessed by alliance members. [MECH:Chat]

  • A Senior Members Screen with detailed member data and the ability to send internal mass messages, to focus member activities. [MECH:Alliance Management]

  • Optional alignment with a faction, including a reputation bonus, and the ability to declare Private Conflict with alliances of the same faction alignment, to prevent reputation loss. [MECH:Faction Alignment]

  • Display of alliance membership in forum posts, in the other ships window of the navigation screen, and in buildings.

  • Alliance positions with unique features to split up workload for alliance organization and administration. [MECH:Alliance Management]

  • Optional alliance fund and automatic taxes from members. [MECH:Alliance Management]

  • Combat and trade related bonuses from maintaining sectors. [MECH:Alliance Territory]

Creating an Alliance

Forming an alliance will subtract 3000 free Action Points, 1,000,000 Credits and is only possible when having at least 10,000 experience points. It is possible under Diplomacy → Alliances by clicking Create new alliance on the right side. The founder of an alliance is automatically the leader. This position can be passed on to an alliance member later. [MECH:Alliance Management]

When creating an alliance, a stance has to be selected (this choice is one-time and irreversible). Every alliance has one of two possible stances:
  • Disclosed: Members of The Shadow Syndicate are not able to join this alliance, members of this alliance are not able to join The Shadow Syndicate. [MECH:Syndicates]

  • Veiled: Members of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate are not able to join this alliance, members of this alliance are not able to join the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate. Additionally, an alliance faction alignment is not possible. [MECH:Syndicates] [MECH:Faction Alignment]

Joining an Alliance

Joining an alliance takes 1000 APs and is possible without any restrictions. Under Diplomacy → Alliances a list of all alliances can be found. Since one can only join one alliance at a time, a thorough study of all alliances, with their positions and goals, is recommended before joining one.

To join an alliance, go to its alliance page and fill in your application at the bottom. Depending on this application the alliance's application manager will decide if you are worth to be accepted. You can only apply to one alliance at a time. Cancelling a running application is possible anytime.

Due to anti-abuse reasons, re-joining the same alliance is only possible when one has quit it (or has been kicked out of it) at least 30 days before.

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