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The chat is a social place to quickly talk with several players at the same time. Messages posted here will be seen by everyone else who is entitled to visit the respective chat channel and who has the chat window open. Chat entries will scroll up and disappear, so the chat is only suited well for temporary talks.
The official language in Pardus is English.

Chat Screen

There are five chat channels:
  • Help Chat
    If you need any help ask here. Special players, the guides, will give you a helpful answer as quickly as possible. This chat channel is only usable to players in the tutorial and players under newbie protection. [MECH:Protection & Docking]

  • General Chat
    Here you can talk to other players about anything you like, out of character. For help please visit the help chat.

  • IC Chat
    Same as the General Chat, but for roleplaying. This place is only for chatting in character.

  • Trading Chat
    Search for trades, negotiate and finalize deals and loans - this place is for all trade-related talk.

  • Alliance Chat
    If you are member of an alliance, this channel is for confering with your alliance comrades - very well suited for organizing joint strikes or determining your alliance's course of action. No one outside of your alliance can see this private section.
A chat message has one of 17 selectable colors (25 for Premium Accounts; the extra Premium colors are marked with [P]), and can be written in normal mode (e.g. "Verborum: hello baldur") or in emotion mode (e.g. "Dayshine wanders off"). As an alternative to selecting emotion from the dropdown box next to the chat entry line, begin your message with "/me ".

If someone violates game rules in a message posted in chat, you may file a report by clicking the grey R left to the message.

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Last modification on this page: 2008-08-24

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