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Galactic News Network The Galactic News Network (GNN) is a service that informs every player about important happenings taking place in the game universe. GNN updates in realtime - you see reports of events there immediately after they happened. Besides the current faction relations on top right the following events are displayed. [MECH:Factions]

Running Events

The running events at the bottom constitute the biggest part of the News screen. Here the latest 25 player- or alliance-specific events are listed - from NPCs killed to starbases constructed many event-types are reported. These events are divided in categories which may be selected for specific display:

News Categories and Search

It is possible to search for specific pilots or alliances. All found news will go up to the latest 15 ones of the selected category. Premium Accounts have the additional option of downloading a CSV file containing the latest 250 news entries of the selected category.

Special Events

Once every 13 hours, a special major event may be triggered, usually running for several days. There are many forms of special events, ranging from sector-wide to cluster-wide happenings or even diplomatic shifts of relations between two factions. [REF:Special Events]

The fully automatic procedure how and if special events are triggered works like this:
  • Check how many special events are currently running. If none or up to four are running, proceed to the next step with a certain probability greater than zero.

  • By using a random number with equal probabilities (except for a few events where declared otherwise), choose one from all existing special event types, regardless of their restrictions.

  • If applicable, set this event's parameters - again completely randomly - within the predefined range (e.g. for diplomatic decline: choose one of the three possible faction-relations, and one of the pre-authored news-texts).

  • Check the event type's restrictions. If all conditions are met, proceed to the next step.

  • Trigger the special event.
If the last step is not reached, there will be no new special event triggered at this time.

At the same times, overdue special events are terminated. Note that due to step 1 up to five special events may be running at the same time.

Special events are displayed in boxes below the GNN logo and may be expanded by clicking >>:

Special Events

Premium Accounts have the additional option of downloading a CSV file containing the news entries of all past special events.

Alliance Territory

Daily updated changes of sector dominance in the universe are announced here as well as on the Statistics - Territory page. [MECH:Alliance Territory]

Alliance Territory Changes

Major Events

Major Events are new developments in the game's all-embracing storyline, reported via unique news-texts. They are displayed the same way as special events, but in an orange color.

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