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Alliance Management



In every alliance several positions exist which can be occupied by one member.
  • Leader
    The alliance leader is the most important person in the alliance. The leader holds the following unique functions: giving out positions or transfering leadership, dissolving the alliance, kicking out alliance members, changing the alliance's faction allignment, declaring private conflict, sending and accepting peace offers, edit the internal and external alliance pages, appointing senior members.
    If the character of an alliance leader is deleted or inactive for more than 90 days, a successor is automatically chosen in the following order: treasurer, application manager, senior members ordered by age (in the alliance), members ordered by age (in the alliance). If leadership is transferred due to inactivity, the successor lookup is also restricted to characters that have been active within the last 90 days.

  • Treasurer
    The treasurer has access to the alliance's fund and to all other financial alliance features, through the Diplomacy → Funds page. The treasurer can be a separate player appointed by the leader, or the leader himself/herself.

  • Application Manager
    Applications of players wanting to join the alliance are sent to the application manager. S/He can be a separate player appointed by the leader, or the leader himself/herself. The application manager has the power to decline applying players or to accept them into the alliance through the Diplomacy → Apps page.

Senior Members

The leader can promote any alliance member to a senior member. This will give him/her an additional screen: Diplomacy → Members. In this screen all alliance members are listed alphabetically, together with their available credits, experience, reputations, buildings, and a rough estimation of their last time online. Additionally, senior members have the ability to write mass PMs to all alliance members.


Alliance Fund

Every alliance has an alliance fund, in which credits can be stored by alliance members. Each members can give credits to the alliance fund once every 7 days, with adding an optional reason. The treasurer is the only member able to give out credits from the fund to members. All transactions are logged in the alliance funds log. This log can be accessed by all members in the Diplomacy → My Alliance page by clicking View alliance funds log.

Besides giving out credits from the fund, the treasurer has the additional ability of setting an alliance tax, between 0% and 1%, calculated from every member's credits at the time of withdrawal. The credits are withdrawn daily at 0:00 GMT from all members and placed in the fund. The treasurer may change the tax until 3 hours before. The maximum amount of credits subtracted from a member is 100,000 credits, regardless of the set percentage.

Alliance Screens

The leader can edit an internal and an external alliance screen. The internal screen will be seen only by members on the Diplomacy → My Alliance page, the external one is the page any player can access by selecting the alliance on the list of all alliances under Diplomacy → Alliances.

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Last modification on this page: 2012-05-15

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