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Advanced Trade Points

Advanced Trade Points (ATPs) are special points which can be invested into Advanced General Skills after having used up 1,000,000 APs with your character, under Overview → Advanced Skills.
For a list of all advanced skills see [REF:Advanced Skills].

The ATP Pool shows the amount of ATPs your character currently has available. Gathering ATPs is possible by several ways:
  • 1 ATP per 4 million credits earned through trades at planets, non-player-owned starbases, all black markets, Gem Merchants as well as Faction Smelting Facilities.

  • Daily 0.01 ATPs per trade class of your ship. The trade class is the amount of credit icons in a ship class. [MECH:Ships]

  • Every time your buildings produce (not military outposts, trade outposts, starbases):
    Per low level building: 0.002 + 0.0002*Production Level. [TWOP:Low Level Buildings]
    Per mid level building: 0.003 + 0.0002*Production Level. [TWOP:Mid Level Buildings]
    Per high level building: 0.004 + 0.0002*Production Level. [TWOP:High Level Buildings]
Alliance territory can grant a bonus in ATP generation to alliance members. [MECH:Alliance Territory]

Learning advanced skills with ATPs is an irreversible and optional operation.

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