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Advanced Skill Activations

Most advanced skills work passively, i.e. giving the player benefits passively and fully automatically. However, a few advanced skills need to be activated by the player for use.

Advanced Skill Activations

There are three categories of advanced skills that need activation:
  • Combat Modes
    The advanced skills Offensive Combat and Defensive Combat allow to activate offensive or defensive combat modes, respectively. Activation costs 10 APs. If offensive or defensive combat is active, this will be displayed on all combat screens too.

  • Boosts
    There are three kinds of boosts: Agility, Taming, and Cloaking Boost. Activation costs 50 APs. After a boost was activated, it will be active for 11 to 12 hours. Always one boost can be active at a time; deactivating a boost is not possible.

  • Timebombs
    Timebombs are devices you can place on a field to slow down player opponents, once you have learned the advanced skills Timebomb I Construction or Timebomb II Construction. You need to wait for seven days after having learned the Chronoton Collection skill until you are able to place a timebomb. You can always place only one timebomb at a time, placement costs 75 APs; remotely demolishing a timebomb is possible by pressing the Demolish button. Timebombs cannot be placed on objects such as buildings - the activation table will notify you about any objects on your current field.
    Should a building be constructed on a timebomb or a timebomb be placed there by another player, the original timebomb will detonate without doing any harm. The placer of the first timebomb will be automatically notified in this case.

Advanced Skill Activations

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