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Defense Modules

A newly constructed building has no defense modules installed. In this case, ill affected players are able to take away commodities from the building by raiding or damaging it with the only consequences of possible reputation loss. [MECH:PvBuilding Combat]. Because of this, the installation of at least one defense module on every building is strongly recommended.
Installing defense modules is possible by pressing Manage modules in the building's menu.

Before installation, the building needs to have a free module slot. Every new building comes with one free module slot; more can be activated by clicking Upgrade/Repair building in the building's menu, and pressing the + 1 button next to Modules. There the amount of occupied and total modules is displayed. A building can have up to 15 module slots.

Combat Modules

Combat modules actively take part in a building's defense, by engaging in combat with attackers. [MECH:PvBuilding Combat]. There are various kinds of combat modules, from laser and missile turrets to sophisticated drones and droids. [REF:Defense Modules]

Non-Combat Modules

Non-combat modules provide various bonuses but do not directly engage in combat. They become inactive once no defending combat modules are left (and the building owner is not docked). Any subsequent attack damaging the building has a chance of destroying a non-combat module (in addition to dealing normal damage to the building's condition). The lower the building's condition, the higher the probability to destroy a non-combat module. [REF:Defense Modules]

Alliance Command Station Modules

Alliance Command Station modules are also a kind of non-combat module. They allow the Alliance Command Stations to detect additional events. Each module uses the jewels it is created with to support its scans, therefore after approximately 30 days the module breaks and needs to be replaced. [REF:Defense Modules]

Repairing and Equipping Modules

Certain combat modules and the repair bay have repair slots which can be equipped with robots. Doing so is possible in the Equip tab of the module management screen. These robots will automatically repair the module during combat.
A manual repair of modules is possible under the Repair tab.

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