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The Options screen is divided into two columns. The options you set here are valid for your character in that particular game universe:

  • Profile
    Edit your profile if you want others to know more about your character or yourself. By clicking on View you can also browse through other players' profiles. Profiles may include up to three sections: Automatic Content, Personal Content, Career Log.
    In the first one, various automatic content such as your pilot's faction, competency, or ship is shown to either only logged-in players, or on a public profile to everybody - provided you enabled it for display. Your pilot's race and alliance is always displayed here. Displayed data in this section automatically updates itself every 7 days or after clicking the Update Displayed Data / Apply Changes button. The personal section is splitted into an IC (In Character) and an OOC (Out Of Character) part. They are freely editable - be creative! Displaying one's career log and certain extended data is only avalaible to Premium Accounts. [MECH:Logs]

    To look up the profile of any character, visit the webpage structured like this:
    Spaces in names have to be replaced with plus signs (+). Example:

  • Send full-APs reminder
    Sends an email to the address tied to your account whenever your action points are about to be refilled to the maximum.

  • Show ship information in the forum
    If set to yes, this will display an image of your ship and your ship name as avatar in the forum. [MECH:Forum]

  • Ship order on the Nav screen
    A convenience function to pre-sort ships on the Nav screen according to selected criteria.

  • Default link on the Nav screen
    Determines which link to highlight in the Commands tab of the Nav screen and which link to follow if use of the Standard Command is enabled in the Account Settings.

  • Delete Character
    If you want to delete your character, type your password here. Character deletion will trigger a GNN news entry about your character's retirement. Note that there is no obligation to delete your character here if you do not want to play Pardus anymore. After half a year of inactivity, characters that never enjoyed a non-promotional Premium Account are automatically deleted without a retirement news.
    Also, deleting your character is an irreversible choice.

    Buildings and starbases vanish when the owner retires. If there were bounties on this character, they are paid back automatically to their placers; if the retired character was an alliance leader, leadership would be transferred to the first one of the following list who is not the same person as the leader: the treasurer, the application manager, the oldest senior member of the alliance, the oldest member of the alliance.

  • Rename
    Renaming your character costs 5000 APs, it will trigger a GNN news entry. All places where your name is automatically displayed by the game system will be updated.

  • Notifications
    Configurable notifications for new messages and logs, either by email (Premium Account required) or by in-game audio. Use of custom sounds is supported.

  • Combat Buttons
    Here you can set the values of the quick attack buttons in combat screens.

  • Signature
    Every Premium Account holder's character has a signature, which may be edited here. It may not contain more than 3 linebreaks; each line may not consist of more than 50 characters.

    This signature may be individually attached to private messages, or attached to forum posts. In the latter case, throughout the forums always the current signature is shown in all signature spots. [MECH:Private Message] [MECH:Forum]

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