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Building Construction

BreweryBuildings are player-owned structures which occupy one field on the nav screen. Most buildings have the purpose to produce certain commodities out of resources or other less valuable commodities, to bring their owners profit. There are also special buildings with different or advanced purposes or functions. [MECH:Special Buildings]
Buildings have no influence on the amount of resources available on their fields.

For being able to construct a building one needs to meet the following experience requirements:

Owned BuildingsRequired Exp

Meeting the requirements for the ownership of e.g. two buildings is often called having two building slots. Likewise, a player who already owns one building but who could own three more may be referred to as having three free building slots or having three building slots left.

Although constructing a building is possible very early in the game, it is only recommended after some ten thousand APs have been spent, or if experienced players help out. Reason being some tough questions which one should be able to answer first:
  • Will you or others be able to supply your building with upkeep in the area where you plan to raise it?

  • Will you be able to sell your building's products in the area where you plan to raise it, and will you make enough profit?

  • Do you want to supply and maintain the building yourself and generally stay in its proximity, or do you want others to supply it?

  • Do you want low-level buildings which bring lower profit but are easier to maintain, or do you know possible business partners you could join and build up a more profitable economy chain together?

  • Do you have enough money and commodities for the building's defences? [MECH:Defense Modules]

  • Do you have enough money and commodities for building production upgrades?
To prevent frequently spawning NPCs under the building, one should not build near fixed NPC spawn points. [MECH:NPCs]

Construction is possible by pressing Create building in the commands window. Besides the displayed material costs also 500 Action Points are subtracted. [REF:Buildings]
Moving a building is not possible.

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