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About this Manual

Welcome to Pardus!

Pardus LogoThis is the online version of the user manual to the free Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game Pardus (www.pardus.at).

To learn more about the background of Pardus, please visit the About Pages.

Content & Structure

The manual is structured into the following categories:
  • Introduction (INTRO)
    This is the introduction to the manual. You can see a detailed synopsis of all the manual's subpages in the [INTRO:Index]. On the [INTRO:General Gameplay & Terms] page the very basics of massive multiplayer online games and the specifics of gameplay in Pardus are explained.

  • Game Mechanics (MECH)
    The biggest part of the manual is about the game mechanics. Here you find everything you need to know about how to play the game, e.g. how to move your ship, how to trade, how to fight, and a lot more.

  • The World of Pardus (TWOP)
    While the game mechanics pages explain the game's structure, here you find all of the fantastic content, explained to you in a way a pilot inside the Pardus Universe would do. If you want to show your friends all the cool things they will discover in the world of Pardus, these are the right pages to do so.

  • Reference (REF)
    Since the Pardus Universe is so incredibly vast and versatile, it contains numerous types of buildings, commodities, ships, ship equipments, etc. All this data is summarized here in handy tables. Here you can also find formulas, the production tree and a list of the most common acronyms used inside the game.

What the manual does not tell you

  • Guides
    If you need guiding information or tips for your first days, please visit our Guides.

  • Advanced gaming techniques
    In Pardus it is almost impossible to be a truly experienced player. Even after months of playing you will discover new tricks and strategies to develop your character or to expand your alliance. Talk with other players in the forums or with your alliance mates in chat and exchange your experiences for the common cause. Listing all possible tips and tricks in the manual would be an impossible task.

  • "Secret Knowledge"
    The manual will not tell you how strong exactly certain monsters are, where to find research stations, or any other information that can be found out by applying your knowledge about the game mechanics and your communication skills, or by any other means of exploring the game world. You will have much to explore in the Pardus Universe!

  • Detailed Formulas
    Pardus is a game which can be enjoyed without any deep background knowledge such as formulas from the game's source code. Some important formulas are provided in the [REF:Formulas] section, but please understand that more detailed ones such as combat formulas will not be disclosed. An experienced player is one who has already acquired a feeling for the various factors and rules governing the events in the Pardus Universe, by actual gaming.


Links to related or continuative topics to sections inside the manual are displayed this way: [INTRO:About this manual]
Features only available to Premium Accounts are marked in a special gold color.
Terms appearing the first time, or when written in a technical meaning, or just for emphasis, are displayed in italic style.

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