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Tips for your first days

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Entering a vast online world such as the Pardus Universe with so many features and possibilities can be quite overwhelming and confusing for the starting adventurer. These tips exist in order to make your life easier in your first days of exploring the world of Pardus, to give you hints on how to master the numerous dangers and risks you may encounter, and to remind you of the useful lessons from the tutorial.

Know the very basics
It is recommended to take a little time to read the first few Manual Pages and take a look at the excellent Newbie-Guide. It can save a lot of trouble!
Watch your fuel
Hydrogen Fuel Fuel Collector You start with 10 tons of hydrogen fuel in your cargo, which is always needed to move your ship and is used up fast. You can scoop more from space with the "Collect fuel" command in the Commands window if there are enough field resources left (you see that in the left of the status window), or buy it on planets, starbases or often fuel collectors. Better carry too much with you than too little!
Watch your Action Points
Action PointsAlways watch your Action Points left! They get lower with every action you perform. You get 24 every 6 minutes - that's 5760 per day.
Use helpful tools
Some very active players have contributed to the community by creating helpful tools. They can be found in this forum thread:

For example, this map should help you a lot: Pardus Map
Mine and sell resources
Energy Nebula
Asteroids Space
Energy Nebula Gas Ore Hydrogen Fuel
Mine energy on energy fields, nebula gas on nebula fields, ore from asteroids or hydrogen fuel on space and sell it to a planet or starbase if there is demand. Note that highly developed sectors, such as the one where you started, usually have very low field values. You should be able to harvest more in other places.

Please also note that harvesting on fields with only few resources left (commonly referred to as "stripmining") is not lucrative and often scorned upon, as the less there is left, the slower fields will regenerate.
Join a faction
The Federation The Empire The UnionThere is no obligation to join a faction, and some players also enjoy the freedoms of neutrality, but in the beginning you may generate significant income by fulfilling additional faction jobs. Join a faction (Empire, Federation, or Union) on planets or starbases to carry out jobs and gain experience and rank. They are listed in the bulletin board.
Class M Planet Starbase
Energy Food Water
Gain more money by trading between Class M planets and Starbases. Planets need energy, starbases need food and water.
Pick your battles
Space Maggot Young Space DragonIn the beginning, only fight against Space Maggots, or if you feel you have enough combat experience, Young Space Dragons. They are the easiest opponents. If you feel your opponent is too powerful or your situation is critical, don't be ashamed to retreat!
Avoid pirates near wormholes; avoid nebula
Wormhole Experienced Pirate Inexperienced Pirate
Nebula Sarracenia Blood Amoeba
Avoid flying through energy fields near wormholes; there could be cloaked pirates!

Avoid flying through nebula; cloaked and aggressive monsters could await you!
Be flexible
Wormhole If the sector you are operating in yields no profits, has no resources, or is otherwise unfavorable, simple leave it through a wormhole and try your luck elsewhere. There are many opportunities in the Pardus Universe, but sometimes you have to search for them.
Leave the game on safe places
Class M Planet Starbase WormholeOnly close the game on protection zones (= planets, starbases and wormholes) or you will be an easy prey for pirates and roaming NPCs! You may check your protection by clicking "Check Cluster & Protection" at the bottom of the status window.
Your first building
Medical Laboratory Brewery Chemical LaboratoryIf you want to construct a building, take your time to look around and ask experienced pilots in chat and the forums for help. Your first building should be a simple one, but well placed: E.g. build a Medical Laboratory, Brewery on space or a Chemical Laboratory on nebula near a planet or starbase.
Ask for help
?If you have any problems, ask guides in the help chat; they are happy to help new players like you.

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