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Is Pardus free?
Yes! You can play free of charge with one account for as long as you want and enjoy most of the features Pardus offers. Sign up for free on the Signup Page!

However, if you like the game, you may consider upgrading your Free Account to a Premium Account. This will give you additional benefits and allow you to enjoy the full Pardus experience, while supporting the maintenance and further development of Pardus!

How do I stop receiving e-mails from Pardus?
In your character options you may choose to receive automatic e-mails related to your character, such as when your action points are at maximum capacity. Disabling this function will stop all e-mails from Pardus except those regarding your account status. Account status e-mails include notification of certain moderative actions, such as a ban, and warnings that your account is about to be deleted due to inactivity. These types of e-mails may not be disabled; however, deleting your account will remove all your data, including your e-mail address, from the Pardus servers and you will no longer receive any notifications.

I did not receive an email containing my password, what can I do?
Sometimes the auto-generated emails containing your account data will be considered spam by your host. Have a look at your spam folders and if there's no sign of the email, send an email to "" containing your account name.

I forgot my password. How can I request a new one?

Every time I try to log in I get an error message "Sorry, not a valid session", what's wrong?
Please make sure your browser accepts (session) cookies. They are used to authenticate you in the game.

General Technical Problems

Often I have one of these problems: White screens, no permission to view the forum, pictures replaced by other random ones, generally weird behaviour of images or pages within the game. How can I fix this?
Browsers can behave in very weird ways, concerning caching.
Try these things:
- Clear your browser's cache or delete all temporary internet files
- Clear your browser's cookies
- Clear all your browser's internet history
- Close all browser windows
- Check if your computer's date and time settings are correct
- Disable your browser's plug-ins and adblockers for the Pardus pages

If it still does not work, please report it using the bug report form ingame under Messages → Report Bug and add your browser-version (by selecting ? > Info, or Help > About... in your browser's menu).

I'm having severe problems with lag; Pardus is so slow that it is almost unplayable. Can someone please fix or update the Pardus servers?
Loads, capacities and performance of the Pardus servers are regularly checked, to make sure that gameplay happens as smoothly as possible, even at peak times. The Pardus servers are directly connected to Central European Backbones via 100 Megabit Switchports - a very fast connection to almost all places in the entire world.

Temporary technical difficulties outside of the Pardus servers' and your sphere of influence may occur, however, what you experience has most likely to do with one or more of the following things:
- Your system may be infected with spyware, slowing down your browser.
- Your internet connection may be very slow.
- The routing table between you and the Pardus server may be very complicated and long. Unfortunately, it only depends on your personal location and internet provider how routing tables are created. To check your route to Pardus, the simplest way is using ping www.pardus.at and tracert www.pardus.at in the Windows command line.
- Something else on your side of the connection.

Whenever I try to send a PM or reply to one, nothing happens - the message box doesn't pop up. How can this be fixed?
There are two possible reasons for this:
1) Your browser is blocking pop-ups. Most commonly this happens when using Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer in Windows XP (+Service Pack 2). There should be an option in your browser to add www.pardus.at as a trusted site and permit pop-ups from here.
2) JavaScript is not activated in your browser.

I lost missions due to a server downtime / connection error / technical issue and would like to request reparations. Is this possible?
Losing missions or experiencing other ingame disadvantages due to unindebted reasons is unfortunate, and if the issue was caused on our side of the connection, we are sorry for that! Be assured that performance of the Pardus servers is regularly checked to provide the best possible gaming experience. Unannounced server downtimes may happen, but very rarely.

Due to reasons of unfeasibility, we unfortunately cannot give reparations for every small-time server downtime or connection error that may happen to one of our many active users. This is in every player's interest by the way, since we would have to spend a lot of time on giving reparations, taking away time from developing new features, for example.

For further information, please consult our Terms and Conditions.


Why are there bugs? How should I report bugs?
In a complex game such as Pardus, bugs can occasionally be found, even though there was 2 years of public testing and the Pardus developers got rid of most bugs with the help of thousands of alpha and beta testers. If you experience a bug please report it using the bug report form ingame under Messages → Report Bug.

The trade or mission icon (Trade Icon, Mission Icon) is showing up all the time and does not go away, even after I click it. How do I get rid of it?
You have to either click "Mark all as read" or check all pages of your trade- or mission-log where new entries are displayed, so they can be marked as "not new".

My anti-virus program tells me that Pardus tries to send me a virus. Why?
The Pardus game system is definitely not trying to send you any kind of virus or harmful software. It is just your anti-virus program misinterpreting certain data. If it is possible, add www.pardus.at as a trusted site. Otherwise please ignore the warnings of your anti-virus program concerning the Pardus pages, and maybe install a better one.

Is the server running all the time?
Due to maintenance reasons there are daily downtimes of 5 minutes or less between 5:30 AM and 5:35 AM GMT.

Image pack

Is there a way to speed up the game?
Yes. Download an image pack and unzip all files into a folder on your local computer. Then set the image path from "online" to "file://" and enter the directory you have chosen in your Account Settings screen.
When playing the game, your system will now refrain from downloading images and css files from the Pardus server, but will use them from your local computer. This way the game can be sped up, and you are even able to completely customize the images and styles shown to you.

I am using Firefox. How can I make the local image pack work?
It is a known feature of Firefox to disallow access to local files by default. To add an exclusion for Pardus do the following:

Firefox 1.5, Mozilla 1.8, and newer:
First close all open Firefox windows.
Then, go to your Firefox Profile folder, which you find under one of the following paths in Windows:
C:\Users\[your Windows login or user name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[random 8 letter string profile name]\
C:\Documents and Settings\[your Windows login or user name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[random 8 letter string profile name]\
To see the Application Data folder, you may have to enable "Show Hidden files and folders" under Tools -> Folder Options -> "View" tab

Create a text file there, paste the following into it:
user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "localfilelinks");
user_pref("capability.policy.localfilelinks.sites", "http://www.pardus.at http://forum.pardus.at http://chat.pardus.at http://orion.pardus.at http://artemis.pardus.at http://pegasus.pardus.at");
user_pref("capability.policy.localfilelinks.checkloaduri.enabled", "allAccess");

If you are using HTTPS, replace http with https. Now "Save as" the file under the name user.js
You may have to uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" in Tools -> Folder Options -> "View" tab before you can change the file type like this. (Otherwise you end up creating user.js.txt, which won't work.)
You can now delete your previous text file.

After this, the settings should be ready to use the image pack.

If the above does not help, try consulting the following external help page:

Firefox 1.0.x, Mozilla 1.7.x, and older:
These old versions only allow you to change a global option. This would enable access to your local files from any site which translates into a great risk to your computer's security, and as such we are not listing it here. Please update to a newer version of Firefox or set up a web server to host your image pack.

I am using Internet Explorer 7+. How can I make the local image pack work?
To use the image pack in IE 7+ you need to add the following URLs to your trusted sites:

If you are using HTTPS, replace http with https.

I am using Opera / Chrome / Safari. How can I make the local image pack work?
Unfortunately we know of no secure way to make the local image pack work in these browsers. Please consider either using Firefox or Internet Explorer for Pardus, or, if you are skilled with computers, set up a local web server to host your image pack.

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