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Premium Accounts FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What are Premium Accounts and how do I get one?
A Premium Account gives you additional abilities and advantages inside the game. To learn more about the benefits take a look at the Premium Features Page. Upgrading your Free Account to a Premium Account is easy! Simply go to the Premium Signup Page and follow the instructions.

General Payment

I want to buy a Premium Account but none of the payment methods suit me. Is there another way I could pay?
Sorry, but payment is only possible with the methods mentioned on the Premium Signup Page.

May multiple people use my credit card to buy themselves a Premium Account?
Yes, this is no problem. However, you should never give away your credit card information to anyone else than your closest family members or other people you know in real life and absolutely trust.

I want to purchase a Premium Account for myself and a couple friends. Can I combine them into one order to avoid paying multiple money transfer/credit card fees?
Sorry, each Premium Account must be ordered separately, to avoid confusion and accounting issues.

I have already paid but I still have no Premium Account. What is wrong?
Your Premium Account will not be assigned to your account until your payment was verified. Depending on the chosen payment method as well as your location it can take up to two weeks until your payment has arrived. Payments made by credit card are normally processed immediately.

If two weeks have passed after your payment and you still have no Premium Account, please send an email to "" and tell us the name of your character and the order reference number.

Do I need to buy a separate Premium Account for each of my characters in other universes?
No. Once you purchase a Premium Account, all of your characters will enjoy the benefits.

Premium Account as a Gift

How can I buy a Premium Account for somebody else?
Please go to the Premium Signup Page and follow the instructions. In Step 4, simply use the "Gift a Premium Account to another player" form.

Before you send the gift please make sure the recipient is informed about it or knows you, because we advise all players not to accept Premium Accounts paid by others if they do not know who sent them and why.

I have bought a Premium Account for somebody else, but it is not assigned yet. What is wrong?
For security reasons, payments that have been made for somebody else have to be accepted by the recipient of the Premium Account. He/She will be notified about the open gift automatically. Once the gift has been accepted by that player, his/her Premium Account will be activated.

If I gift a Premium Account to someone else will my account, its identification, or my credit card information be attached to it? Are there any risks in gifting a Premium Account?
If you purchase a Premium Account for another player, the only information the receiver will see is your character name and the time of your order. Your real name, credit card number, and any other personal information will not be revealed in any way to the recipient of your gift. For the sponsor of a Premium Account, there are no risks.

Are there any risks in accepting a Premium Account gift?
The only risk for the receiver of a Premium Account gift is that if the sponsor cancels his/her payment, and the receiver already accepted the gift, the receiver's account will be locked until valid payment is received. To avoid inconveniences such as this, please make sure you only accept a Premium Account gift from someone you know and trust.

What happens to my payment if my gift is declined by the receiving person?
Your money will be refunded within 48 hours.

If someone signs up for a Premium Account it will be identified. This person could now purchase Premium Accounts for other accounts and they will be identified too. Isn't this a way where one person could potentially identify multiple accounts of their own?
Yes, that would be possible. However, the risk is paying for more than one account which will be deleted for multi-accounting in the end. Our detection rates of cheaters breaking the rules in this way have been very good and are continually improving, even when people circumvent our automatic multi-detection system or have identified accounts.

On the other hand, you can be absolutely sure that there will be no "false positives" and unfair deletions of accounts belonging to separate real persons to whom you have gifted a Premium Account.

Cancellation, Expiration, Transfer

Is it possible to cancel a Premium Account which I have already used and get the part of my payment back which was not used up so far?
Sorry, but cancelling an already used Premium Account is not possible.

I want a refund of my Premium Account. What do I need to do?
As per Austrian law (8 FFG), a refund for a Pardus Premium Account can be claimed within the first 14 days after the payment has arrived. Also, the Premium Account must not have been used yet. Please send an email to "" and tell us the name of your character and the order reference number to verify the payment. Note that a refund will not be given if you have already logged in with the Premium Account.

What happens when my Premium Account runs out?
When a Premium Account expires it will become just like a normal Free Account again, i.e. you will lose all special Premium Features. Exceptions: Pardus Class Weapons, Pardus Class Armor, and any equipment only available to Elite-ranked faction-members you already have installed on your ship - most of them will deteriorate and break/vanish after a time. Ships which are only available to Elite-ranked faction-members are not affected. Note that when bearing a Key of Sheppard, Sheppard Warp Gate destinations within the Pardus Cluster are excluded when you have no active Premium Account.

If your account was not once identified by document or digital certificate when this option was still available, it will revert back to an Anonymous Account.
If your ship's position is anywhere within the Pardus Cluster at the time of the account downgrade, you will be caught by a Lucidi patrol. The Lucidi will not destroy your ship, but haul it to the Y-hole of the cluster you are currently residing in. These Y-holes are surrounded by Lucidi Military Outposts, so your only options will be to use the Y-hole to exit the Pardus Cluster, or to prolong your Premium status and pass their outposts then. If you decide to abandon the Pardus Cluster, you have the option to remotely destruct all buildings you had there, and remotely destroy or give away your starbase if you owned one.
If your homeworld was set inside the Pardus Cluster, it will be reset to the home planet of the nearest neutral cluster without AP costs.

At which time will my Premium Account run out, at which times does my 'days left' statistic decrease?
Your 'days left' value in your account history decreases by 1 day daily at 05:25 GMT. Once it reaches 0 you will still have time until 05:25 GMT the next day until your Premium Account expires. This way your Premium Account will always have at least 90 / 180 / 360 days - depending at which time your Premium Account was activated even up to a day more than that.

Is it possible to transfer remaining days of my Premium Account to another Pardus account?
No. An activated Premium Account cannot be assigned to a different Pardus account.

Is it possible to freeze my Premium Account by reverting it to a Free Account or locking it for an amount of days, then reactivating it to a Premium Account and using the Premium days left later?
This is not possible. When a Premium Account is activated, it will naturally expire after the amount of days selected (30, 90, 180, or 360), if there was no extension.

If I sign up for the premium universe but then decide not to renew my Premium Account, what will happen to my character?
You will be unable to login with that character once your Premium Account has expired. After 120 days the character will be auto-deleted, unless the Premium Account is renewed before then.


I have a Premium Account but my combat logs are dissapearing a lot earlier than after 15 days. What's wrong?
As the fine print on the Overview → Logs → Combat screen says: "Each Ship vs NPC entry with you as attacker will automatically be deleted after 1 day."
This is due to technical reasons; all other logs will be deleted after 15 instead of 3 days.

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