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Game Rules
Version: 2 | Date: 2018-05-25 | Printable version

Pardus is an online browser game in which thousands of players from all over the world meet every day. In order to ensure that Pardus is fun for everyone, Bayer & Szell OG expects all players to behave in a reasonable, friendly and tolerant manner.

It is up to the player to read, comprehend and abide by the Pardus rules. Ignorance of the rules will not result in lighter penalties.

Depending on severity, breaking any of the following rules may result in being banned from the ingame chats and forums or even immediate and permanent account deletion without any compensation.

1. Account Creation

  • Multiple Accounts
    You are allowed to have exactly ONE account, no exceptions. Each account may contain multiple characters; one character per universe.
    Logging in from the same computer with two or more accounts is considered multi-accounting. Discussing possibilities to get around this or actually trying to do so is considered cheating and will result in your account being deleted.

  • Account-sitting and Account-sharing
    Managing or using any Pardus-account other than your own is strictly forbidden under any circumstances (including taking over an account).

  • Inappropriate Names
    Names containing insulting, racist, sexist or offensive language, and names which are designed to mimic administrators, moderators, or other falsified official positions are not permitted.
    Further, names that form sentences (e.g. "Hello Bob", "Kill me", "I own"), nonsensical combinations of letters (e.g. "Aaaaaa", "Asadafsdasdf"), names that refer to worldwide known real life celebrities or brands without ambiguity (e.g. "Apple Computer" or "Microsoft", but not "Apple"), and names that refer to real countries (e.g. "Indian Fighter") or religions might be subject to change by the moderation team.
    This rule is not enforced for names that have been actively in use without change for at least two months unless a name is found highly objectionable by Bayer & Szell OG.

Characters will automatically be removed after half a year of inactivity in the regular game.
Characters will automatically be removed after four weeks of inactivity in the tutorial.
Accounts will automatically be removed after one year of inactivity.
An account including any characters is forever exempt from inactivity deletion if it has ever received a non-promotional Premium upgrade.

All of the following destructive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated:
(OOC: Out of Character | RL: Real Life)

2. Behavior

  • Language
    Participation in abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation.

  • English
    The official language of Pardus is English. Please refrain from using any other languages in the forums, chat rooms (excluding alliance chats and help chat), or any other public area of Pardus unless explicitly allowed.
    This rule is not enforced if only violated lightly (i.e. short non-disruptive posts that can be expected to be understood by a big portion of the community, such as "hola amigos").

  • Spamming
    Sending or posting numerous and/or unwanted and disruptive amounts of messages.
    This rule is not enforced in alliance chats.

  • Impersonation
    Impersonation of officials or official positions, including, but not limited to, Pardus developers, administrators, super-moderators and moderators.

  • Contempt
    Deception, threatening, or disrupting the workflow of administrators, super-moderators or moderators, as listed on the Team Page, or refusing to comply with moderative instructions or actions. Administrators, super-moderators and moderators were assigned by Bayer & Szell OG and given power to stop destructive behavior in the game or on the official website, including penalizing or deleting characters or accounts. Moderative instructions given by an administrator, super-moderator or moderator are to be carried out without delay.
    If you have an irresolvable problem with a moderator, a super-moderator is to be consulted; for an irresolvable problem with a super-moderator, an administrator is to be consulted.

  • Harassment
    Harassment of another player via OOC threats or unwanted advances. Any harassing material that might be construed as stalking may be made available to law-enforcement officials.

  • Privacy
    Posting, transmitting, offering or solicitation of personally identifiable information. This includes but is not limited to: real life name, telephone number, email address, physical address or any other private information.

  • Inappropriate Roleplaying
    In roleplaying areas (such as forums and chats marked "in character", starbase names, building messages, ship names, ...) please refrain from statements or expressions of political, religious, or similar content referring to modern reality.
    In designated roleplaying areas please refrain from disrupting conversations by not roleplaying as your Pardus character.

  • 'X-rated' content
    Posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons, including sexually explicit, illegal, indecent or obscene images, material or links. Pardus is a game for all ages and should be safely playable by everybody.

  • Association
    Creating or belonging to any alliances or groups in Pardus that either advocate or condemn any race, creed, nation, gender, age group or sexual orientation.

  • Illegal Activities
    Participation in illegal activities. You may not violate any applicable local, provincial, national or international laws or regulations in connection with your use of Pardus or any other services provided by Bayer & Szell OG. Any kind of illegal activities may be reported to law-enforcement officials and may result in legal consequences.


  • Exploitation
    Exploiting obvious errors of the game (bugs that grant the user unintended benefits) or communicating the existence of any exploits publicly or privately to any other Pardus users. If you find an error you must report it immediately through the bug report form ingame under Messages -> Report Bug.

  • Hacking and Phishing
    Trying to steal other players' account data by any means, as well as using, distributing, or posting, transmitting, offering, or solicitation of another player's account data. Bayer & Szell OG will never ask for your password.
    Posting or transmission of any virus, Trojan, worm file, or any other destructive piece of software.
    Posting or transmission of unauthorized advertisements, promotions, or copyrighted material.

  • Scripting
    Use of automated scripts or other software that accesses the Pardus servers for any reason outside of normal game play. This includes scripts, browsers and extensions that actively and constantly refresh a page on the Pardus server. Any software, excluding browsers, which does access the Pardus servers for reasons of normal game play has to be approved by an administrator. Scripts or extensions that solely access the Pardus servers by offering links to pages otherwise also accessible through bookmarks (i.e. URLs, possibly containing HTTP GET parameters) do not require explicit approval unless Premium Account features are simulated or a single user interaction results in more than one page access.

  • Trade between universes
    Offering or accepting Pardus objects or services in a universe in exchange for Pardus objects or services in a different universe. Examples of Pardus objects include credits, resources or starbases. Examples of in-game services include killing another player or destroying another player's building.

  • Real Money Trade
    Offering or accepting Pardus objects or in-game services in exchange for real money or Premium Accounts. Examples of Pardus objects include credits, resources or starbases. Examples of in-game services include killing another player or destroying another player's building.

  • Instigation & Collaboration
    Inciting, manipulating, encouraging, assisting or conspiring with others to violate any of the Pardus Rules.

An attempt by any individual(s) to damage Pardus or interfere in any way with the operation of Pardus or Pardus servers is a violation of criminal and civil laws. If such an attack is made, or assistance for such an attack provided, Bayer & Szell OG will seek damages from the involved individual(s) to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Though we have done our best to explain the rules in detail, this list is not all-inclusive and there will always be situations that will need to be handled on an individual basis. In such cases consideration shall be given to the severity and intent of the action(s) in question.
Members of the Pardus Team, including administrators, super-moderators and moderators, have the sole right and final judgment of how to interpret and apply these rules and guidelines to any specific circumstances and/or situations, including proper punishment or exception.

Rule violations can be reported using the rule violation form ingame under Messages -> Report Rule Violation.

For questions about these rules see the Rules FAQ.

The game rules may be changed at any time. Users are required to accept the new version of this document which will be presented when they log in.

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