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Premium Service Agreement

Premium Service Agreement
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This Pardus Premium Service Agreement is a supplement to the "Pardus Disclaimer" and states the conditions on which Bayer & Szell OG offers "Premium Accounts" for the MMOBG (Massively Multiplayer Online Browser Game) "Pardus". All users must agree to the "Pardus Disclaimer" in addition, regardless of Premium Account status.

A Premium Account is a temporary contract between Bayer & Szell OG and the purchaser of the Premium Account. For the duration of the Premium Account, the "owner" of the account is bestowed with additional game features not available to users with "Free Account" status. The Premium Account is valid only for the account for which it was purchased and cannot be transferred or exchanged. Bayer & Szell OG may add, remove, or otherwise modify Premium Account features at any time without advance notice.

Premium Account fees are listed on the Pardus Premium Signup page. A Premium Account will not take effect until payment is received in full. Premium Accounts are not refundable in whole or in part, with the sole exception of the statutory right of withdrawal. Bayer & Szell OG may change Premium Account fees and/or billing methods at any time without advance notice. Fee changes are not retroactive.

Right of Withdrawal
Provided a Premium Account has not been used, a user may cancel the Premium Account by emailing "" within 14 days of purchase. Payment will be refunded to the user within 30 days after the email is received; minus any costs associated with refunding.

Expiration and Renewal
If a user allows his/her Premium Account to expire without renewal the account will revert to Free Account status. All Premium Account features will be revoked at this time. At any time a Premium Account may be renewed and Premium Account features will be reinstated.

Violations and Termination
If a user violates one or more of the Pardus Game Rules, his/her account and all associated services may be temporarily or permanently discontinued without warning, regardless of account status, at the sole discretion of Bayer & Szell OG. Bayer & Szell OG may change the Pardus Game Rules at any time without advance notice.

Limitation of Warranty
Bayer & Szell OG does not guarantee continuous or error-free operation of Pardus or Pardus Accounts. Bayer & Szell OG may modify, limit or terminate Pardus at any time without advance notice.

Limitation of Liability
Bayer & Szell OG will not be held responsible or liable in any way for losses or damages of any kind incurred in connection with the use of Pardus; including but not limited to monetary loss, data loss, account loss, or loss of in-game items/characters.

Place of Venue
This agreement is in compliance with Austrian law. Place of venue for conflicts arising out of this agreement is St. Pölten, Austria.

Revisions and Provisions
Bayer & Szell OG may at any time revise the Pardus Premium Service Agreement. Any changes made to the agreement will be announced in the Pardus Announcements forum and will be applicable 30 days after the announcement. All users are required to review the Announcements forum or this agreement at regular intervals to keep themselves informed about any changes. If a user does not agree with any changes made to this agreement he/she may email "" requesting their Premium Account to be terminated, at which time it will revert to a Free Account.
If one or more parts of this agreement should become invalid, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect. Any invalid parts are to be replaced by provisions that are as close to the original as possible.

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