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Gameplay FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions


Starting Problems

I am new and have no idea what to do. Help!?
If you are in the tutorial, please complete the lessons.
If you have already finished it, have a look at:
Don't be afraid to ask guides in the help chat if you have problems or need advice; they are always happy to help!

I am in the tutorial and ran out of Action Points. Does this tutorial need days to complete?
The reason why there are Action Points in the tutorial is because you also have them in the real game, and this way the tutorial teaches you about the most fundamental aspect of the game you will be playing afterwards. The tutorial in Pardus is more than just a simple introduction - it is an actual learning lesson, and if new players didn't go through it, they would most likely quit the game on their first day. (In fact this was the case before the Pardus tutorial was implemented.)

You can skip the tutorial once you are in lesson 11 where the probability of running out of APs is significantly higher than before. Don't worry however if the tutorial takes one or two days to finish; this is normal and prepares you for the real game where mistakes would hurt. If you ran out of Action Points you can also reset the tutorial at the bottom of the instructor's window and try it again. Completing it in one session is doable.

I am new and have made some mistakes. How do I delete my account to have a fresh start?
Generally all players make many mistakes in the beginning. You should not regret these mistakes, but rather view them as a good learning process. Just take the time to learn the game, and don't bother starting a new character unless you are absolutely convinced that there is nothing that can be done to undo the problems you have caused yourself.
If you are not sure or have any problems don't hesitate to ask in the help chat!

I am constantly out of Action Points. Can't I get more?
Sorry, but: No. Each character gets 24 Action Points every 6 minutes, that's 5760 APs a day. Together with the maximum of 5000 these values are results from years of testing, feedback and balancing - more would hurt the pace of the game. Pardus is intentionally designed in a way that the best players are the ones who make careful use of their APs, not the ones who manage to play 24/7. As you progress in the game you will learn how to use your Action Points more efficiently, maybe buy a better ship drive and reduce travel cost, or find other features to save APs. (There are also technical reasons for this AP system: As this is a browser-based game, the server has to conduct most calculations, not the clients; so this alone would make unlimited gaming not feasible.)
This is not Everquest or EVE. This is Pardus, and as all of our experienced players you will hopefully get used to this system fast and appreciate it too.
Please give it some time. (If, however, you feel that the AP system causes insurmountable troubles, Pardus is probably not the right game for you.)

Is there a newbie protection and if so how does it work?
New characters have a starting protection phase while using their first 50,000 Action Points. In this period they can't be attacked or robbed by other players. Also, to prevent abuse, they are not able to attack other players, transfer credits to others, hack, or see the ships of ambushing players. Note that the protection refers only to players, and is not against NPCs.

Buildings and Trade

When I want to construct a building, do I have to have all needed materials in my ship cargo?
Yes. However, for upgrades, the needed commodities can also be -partially or not- in the 'commodities' part of your building (right side). Try using a magnetic scoop for extra 150t if your ship's cargo space is not big enough.

Is it possible to sell or move my buildings?
No, but you can destroy them.

I'm finding it almost impossible to find [X building] which actually deal in [X product] for fair prices or even sell it for that matter. What's the deal?
Often many buildings have unrealistic prices, because their owners are not aware of the market situation, are inactive, or for various other reasons. Sending the building owner a PM (Private Message) may clear up misunderstandings and be helpful for both parties. A friendly "Hey, I pass through here often looking for [product], and I would buy it from you if it was for sale at [lower price]. Can you lower your price?" can work wonders. Player interaction is an important part of playing Pardus.
Additionally, if you want to see on the nav screen if buildings are trading or not, turn building trade buoys on in the account settings.

You may also want to look around in the Trade Forum or make a post there. There are usually many building owners looking for reliable suppliers.

I know a building that never produces anything despite having sufficient supplies. Is this an error of the game?
No. Sometimes buildings have resources meant for upkeep stored in the commodities section of their building. Resources in that section are not used for production. Noone but the owner can determine which section resources are stored in.

Bad Luck

I just fought against 2 [opponent-type]s. I was able to kill the first one within 6 rounds of combat, but the second one took 15 rounds! Surely this has to be a bug?
What you experienced is just a basic statistical phenomenon and nothing to worry about. Combat happens in independant combat rounds (mathematically a Markov Chain) and in every round it is determined whether you hit or not, by using a certain formula to calculate your hit probability. If you had extremely bad luck it could take a trillion rounds to hit something, but with a very small probability. If you were very lucky you could hit in every round.
In the long run (more exactly: as the amount of combat-rounds approaches infinity) these things cancel each other out and what you then get in average is the mean value. See also the Law of large numbers and the "Law of truly large numbers": With a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is likely to happen.

I just received wormhole-damage in 5 consecutive wormhole jumps! This has by far never happened to me before; did the developers change something without announcement?
The answer is very similar to the one in the previous question. The probability to receive wormhole-damage is dependant from your maneuver skill. With extremely bad luck, your ship could take damage in a million consecutive jumps.
See again the "Law of truly large numbers" or Runs, formula (15). With a big amount n of Bernoulli trials (meaning a lot of players executing many wormhole jumps), the longest expected run can be quite big (meaning that some players will inevitably experience many consecutive wormhole anomalies).

Note that the developers never change game features without a proper announcement.

Ship and Equipment

Can I transfer equipment to new ships without losing 50% of it's value?
This is not possible due to game design reasons. You should do some planning with what you will equip and how long you want to stick with your current ship.

Transferring your ship's crew is however possible.

I just got a shiny new ship and bought some Tritanium Amor. My armor reads 225/225. Since Tritanium (not Titanium) is x2, shouldn't that be 450/450?
As the manual says, "Every ship has a set number of armor points, and you get the same number no matter what type of armor you have. However, more expensive armors are more durable and require more damage to remove one armor point."

What effect does low condition have on equipment?
As the manual says, "When a laser's condition is low it will start to malfunction, i.e. stop to shoot sometimes (this effect is almost not noticeable above ~80%) [...]. On other types of equipment low condition has no effect."

Bulletin Board Missions

There are 2 missions at the bulletin board requiring the same! What's going on?
Sometimes there are more people who want the same. Let's say there is a young space dragon on a certain spot, then it could be that more than just 1 person feels harassed by it. If you see two identical or overlapping jobs which you could complete, take them and double your reward!
(In fact, experienced players always try to stack as many missions as possible to make the most out of their APs.)

Why are there such difficult jobs in the bulletin board? One requires me to travel through the whole cluster! Another one wants me to kill so many NPCs I am sure I will never even find! Why are they there? They just unnecessarily clog up the bulletin boards!
Jobs are generated through random values and destinations within the cluster. This means that there are popular jobs which will be taken by most pilots (for example: delivering packages to an adjacent sector, or killing 2 space maggots), and also more difficult and nearly impossible ones. If you see a mission and are not sure if you could complete it, then do not accept it - just look out for easier ones! These missions are not clogging up the bulletin boards, since players with different skills, knowledge or equipment than you may be able to complete them.

I accepted a mission to transport explosives. When I arrived at the designation, the mission did not complete. What do I have to do to complete this mission?
Explosives have the annoying property of being explosive. You travelled through a wormhole while having explosives on board, there was a subspace anomaly inside, and your explosives detonated. You have received a system message about it; please read it. Sorry, you will not be able to finish this mission - this is the risk you have taken when accepting such a job.


I was on a mission to kill an NPC and just short of killing it I ran out of Action Points. While waiting for my Action Points to refresh, the opponent attacked me and I lost Action Points. How can I lose APs for being attacked?
This is a feature to prevent players from placing themselves over a respawning creature and gaining exp without investing Action Points. This can also lead to a negative amount of Action Points.

I entered a dragon den and attacked a space dragon. When I pressed "Retreat" nothing happened, except the retreat button changed to "Sorry, retreating is only possible once". What happened?
To prevent abuse, the retreat feature is designed in a way that retreating players can only retreat once to the field where they came from. In your case, while you were attacking the space dragon, another dragon of the same type respawned or moved onto your previous field! When you pressed the "Retreat" button you retreated back on the fresh dragon. As you can see, this is not a bug, but a feature which makes dens dangerous.

I retreated (or went through a military outpost paying a toll) and see no other ships on the current field, but if I move and come back there are several ships in ambush. Is this a bug?
Retreating (from NPCs, buildings, ambushes) or paying tolls at military outposts count as "teleporting" which means no ambushes on the way are triggered and any obstacles are passed. To prevent any form of abuse ambushing ships cannot be seen at the destination. Once you move, everything is back to normal - this is not a bug.

There's some mistake with the military ranks - why are they in the wrong order?
In honor of the classic game Elite, Pardus uses their rank system for Federation and Empire.

The formulas section in the manual features some formulas, but not all. Will they be added or is there a way I can get to know them?
Sorry, but those missing formulas will not be disclosed.

When tracking stats, the progression bars for competency and military rank rise as expected, but the tracking number remains 0 at all times. What's wrong?
Nothing is wrong: The number 0 indicates the integer part of your rank-gain. If for example the progression bar shows 50% and the integer 0, this means a tracked rank-gain of 0.5. If the integer showed 2, this would mean a tracked rank-gain of 2.5.

Why are there bugs and unbalanced features? How should I report bugs?
In a complex game such as Pardus, bugs can occasionally be found, even though there was 2 years of public testing and the Pardus developers got rid of most bugs with the help of thousands of alpha and beta testers. If you experience a bug please report it using the bug report form ingame under Messages → Report Bug. The developers also tried to balance out all game features while Pardus was in its testing phase, but if you feel that something is very unbalanced, you may suggest changes in the feature request forum after you have read its rules (the pinned thread in the same location). The feature request forum is regularly checked by the game developers.

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