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Premium Accounts

Premium Signup

Here all information is provided on how you can order a Premium Account for yourself or another player, e.g. as a present. A Premium Account provides additional benefits inside the game for a certain period of time. For details please read the Premium Features Page.

Once the payment has arrived the Premium Account will be activated. However, if you have ordered a Premium Account for somebody else, this player has to accept the payment before the Premium Account can be activated. When the Premium Account expires, all additional features will be disabled. Of course, the subscription can be extended at any time and the premium features will be available again.


Premium Accounts are active for a certain period of time.
For the first Premium Account that you purchase or that is gifted to you, you receive a duration bonus of 10%.
We offer four different durations, with payment possible in US Dollar or Euro:

US Dollar
DurationTotal Price
including all taxes
Price per
30 Days
Total Savings
compared to using
90 Days Packages
  30 DaysUSD 6.95USD 6.95-
  90 DaysUSD 17.95USD 5.98USD 0.00
  180 DaysUSD 31.95USD 5.33USD 3.95
  360 DaysUSD 59.95USD 4.99USD 11.85

DurationTotal Price
including all taxes
Price per
30 Days
Total Savings
compared to using
90 Days Packages
  30 DaysEUR 6.46EUR 6.46-
  90 DaysEUR 16.67EUR 5.56EUR 0.00
  180 DaysEUR 29.68EUR 4.95EUR 3.67
  360 DaysEUR 55.69EUR 4.64EUR 11.01

Euro prices are updated with exchange rate USD→EUR daily.

Payment Method

PayPalPayPal, one of the best known payment service providers on the internet, has experience with online payments since 1998. PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. Available in 193 countries and regions around the world, payment through PayPal is possible via bank account, credit card or your PayPal balance. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make a secure payment using a credit card or bank account (not available in all countries).


If you are not of full legal age (18 years), you must have the permission of your parents or legal guardians to order a Premium Account. You have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days, but not after the Premium Account has been used.
Also, to avoid complications, please make sure to enter all needed data correctly!

If you now want to order a Premium Account, please follow the steps below:

Online Payment Steps
Step 1Log in with your account
Step 2Click on the first link in the menu, labelled "Free Account", then press "Get Premium Account"
Step 3Accept terms
Step 4Submit your order information via the payment service provider of your choice (secure)

If you have any questions concerning Premium Accounts, please visit the Premium Accounts FAQ.

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