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The forum is a similar place of social interactivity like the chat, but messages, or posts, can consist of several lines and will stay there for a long time. This enables thorough discussions of any topic you feel the need to debate.

Forum Screen

There are three categories, each one has subforums:
  • Announcements - Development
    Here the administrators will post all important updates to the game or any of its contents. Please have a look at this place regularly, as for example game rule or gameplay changes are announced here.
    This is a read-only forum for players.

  • RPG - Space Tavern
    Pilots come here to talk about the latest events in the galaxy.

  • RPG - Trade Center
    Start auctions and handle all your trades.

  • RPG - Alliance Nexus
    Search for alliances or advertise your alliance. Also open alliance diplomacy issues can be debated here.

  • OOC - Main Forum
    Talk about the game, out of character.

  • OOC - Feature Request Forum
    Well thought-out ideas for new additions or changes to the game may be posted here. This subforum is regularly checked by the game developers.

  • OOC - Off Topic
    Anything else or not game-related (but not spamming).

Your ship's image will be used as avatar in the forum, unless you deactivate the Show ship information in the forum setting in the options screen. [MECH:Options]

Threads that have been inactive for six months will be archieved.

If someone violates game rules in a forum post, you may report it by clicking the report button in the post's header: Report Button

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Last modification on this page: 2006-10-27

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