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Starbase Buildings

adapted from The Player Owned Starbase Guide
by Moray Darktide, based on the original guide by Paradis

Once the starbase is constructed, one can fly close to it via a link at the top of the main starbase screen. This leads to the inner starbase map with the starbase at the center.

Preconstructed Buildings

Some structures are preconstructed and not used for regular operations; all of these will automatically and regularly regenerate when damaged, with a faster speed on bigger starbases:

Command Center

The command center in the middle has more condition than the other structures; it must be destroyed or occupied to destroy or conquer the starbase. [MECH:Starbase Combat].

Habitat Ring

The habitat ring consists of the 8 structures surrounding the central command center. These work like military outposts and prevent anyone except the owner from reaching the command center. One (or all, if conquering) of these must be destroyed for attackers to reach the command center. [MECH:Starbase Combat]

Starbase Pylon
Starbase Pylon

Pylons at the four cardinal directions. These hold the building slots to place further starbase structures on. These pylons themselves cannot be damaged, but the buildings standing on them. Length depends on population; as the starbase grows past certain thresholds, slots will be gained (or lost, if shrinking, including structures built on them):

  • at construction: 1 slot each (4 total)
  • 5000+: 2 slots each (8 total)
  • 15000+: 3 slots each (12 total)
  • 30000+: 4 slots each (16 total)

Standard Defense Artillery

Four Standard Defense Artilleries; these are not visible.

Constructable Buildings

The following structures are available for construction. To build, one must fly to the pylon field one wants to build on and build the structure at the usual building cost of 500 AP. The required commodities must be on the ship, not in the starbase.

Repair Facility

Repair Facility: Needed for the starbase to be able to offer repairs.


Warehouse: Expands the starbase's basic capacity of 20000 tons by a further 10000 per warehouse.

Small ShipyardMedium ShipyardHuge Shipyard

Shipyard (Small/Medium/Huge): Needed to construct ships. Note that bigger shipyards do NOT include the functions of smaller ones.

Armor FactoryShield FactoryEngine Factory
Weapon FactorySpecial Equipment Factory

Factory (Armor/Shield/Engine/Weapon/Special): Needed to construct the various ship equipment types.

Light Defense ArtilleryDefense ArtilleryHeavy Defense Artillery

Artillery: Light Artilleries can be built, and later upgraded to Medium or Heavy. Makes the starbase harder to attack.

Short Range Scanner

Short Range Scanner: Will show all objects that are in the Fly Close area of the starbase to the owner, on the starbase overview screen and on the starbase welcome screen.

For detailed information on starbase buildings, see: [REF:Starbase Buildings].

Building Repairs

See [MECH:Starbase Combat].

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