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On every planet and starbase, missions are offered to players on a local bulletin board by NPCs.
[MECH:Planets & Starbases]
For tasks offered to players by players see [MECH:Tasks].

Short-Term Missions

Most missions are so-called short-term missions, with time limits usually ranging between 5 and 60 minutes. They can either be offered in the name of a faction, displayed with light blue background, faction logos and a border in faction-color, or by a completely neutral NPC, displayed with grey background and border.

Faction Mission

Neutral Mission

Faction missions are offered only on planets/starbases controlled by that faction; neutral missions are offered on both neutral and faction planets/starbases. Faction missions are only visible and acceptable by their respective members. [MECH:Factions]

When accepting a mission, you have to pay the deposit. Once you complete the mission successfully, this deposit will be paid back together with the reward. If you fail the mission, the deposit will be lost.

Fulfilling or failing neutral or faction missions bears the following consequences (green: gain, red: loss):

  • Credits (Reward)
  • Experience
  • Competency
  • Reputation
    (towards all factions)
  • Credits (Reward)
  • Experience
  • Faction Rank
  • Reputation
    (towards this faction)
  • If War Mission: War Points
  • Credits (Deposit)
  • Competency
    (3 times of the amount that would have been gained by fulfillment)
  • Credits (Deposit)
  • Faction Rank
    (3 times of the amount that would have been gained by fulfillment)

The amount of acceptable missions depends on the planet's/starbase's size, on the player's competency/faction rank, and on the amount of jobs already taken on that board. Missions refresh once accepted ones have been accomplished or failed, and additionally every 12 hours.

There are various types of missions, with numerous difficulties and rewards. The higher your competency/faction rank, the more difficult but also more rewarding jobs you will be able to accept. Neutral and faction missions may have different types of missions shown, even when having the same competency level as faction rank. A higher competency level can give access to certain syndicate-only equipment types or ships if being member of a syndicate. [MECH:Syndicates]
The amount of gained experience per job also increases with more difficult missions.

After you have accepted a job, it will be displayed in your job overview screen under Overview → Jobs.

Certain advanced skills, those which get available after having learned the advanced skill Mercenarism, can give you benefits in various aspects of job taking and handling. [REF:Advanced Skills]

Long-Term and Syndicate Missions

Long-term missions have significantly longer time limits than the usual short-term missions, usually ranging over several hours. Because of this, the gain of experience points, reputation, and rank/competency is 12 times higher than for short term missions, in case the mission is completed successfully. The rank/competency hit when failing long-term missions is the same as for short-term missions.

War missions

During war, there are special faction missions: war missions. [MECH:War]. These missions are offered rarely and only to high-ranking faction members, and have repercussions for the mission target. They are displayed with a background-color corresponding to the particular faction:

War Mission

TSS missions

Members of The Shadow Syndicate get offered special long-term missions on neutral planets, if having a competency level of at least 3. To accept a TSS mission, it is necessary to spend one Trophy Point (TP). The amount of reputation one receives for fulfilling TSS missions is subtracted, not added. [MECH:Syndicates]. These missions have repercussions for the mission target. They are displayed with a black background-color:

TSS Mission

EPS missions

Members of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate get offered 67% more neutral missions than non-members. [MECH:Syndicates]. These additional missions are marked with the EPS logo. Besides, there are no differences to neutral non-EPS missions:

EPS Mission

Compact Mode

Bulletin boards can be filled with dozens of missions, and with each mission taking up over 160 pixels on the screen vertically, browsing through the bulletin boards may be stressful sometimes. An improved synopsis is offered to Premium Accounts: The Compact Mode.
Switching to this mode will display jobs in the bulletin boards and your job overview screen in a highly compressed form, taking up only 36 pixels vertically. Additionally, all jobs are sortable by every column, giving maximum comfort and usability: Mission type, target (sector), target (object), amount, faction, time, reward, fine.

Compact Mode Header
Faction Mission, Compact
Neutral Mission, Compact
War Mission, Compact

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