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Advanced Skill Points

Advanced Skill Points (ASPs) are special points which can be invested into Advanced Combat Skills and Advanced General Skills after having used up 1,000,000 APs with your character, under Overview → Advanced Skills.
For a list of all advanced skills see [REF:Advanced Skills].

The ASP Pool shows the amount of ASPs your character currently has available. Gathering ASPs is possible by investing an amount of certain combat-related basic skills: Tactics, Hit Accuracy, Maneuver, Weaponry, or Engineering. [MECH:Basic Skills]. Investment is possible in the Your Basic Skills table:

ASP Investment

For every of those basic skills there exists a limit. Investing a basic skill into ASPs is only possible when this limit is reached. By investing, an amount of the basic skill will be subtracted and turned into 8 ASPs. This amount is shown in the Skill Investment column; since not all basic skills grow in the same speed in average, amounts may vary from skilltype to skilltype. Once invested, the 8 ASPs are placed in the ASP Pool and learning advanced skills gets possible.

Investing basic skill points and learning advanced skills with ASPs are irreversible and optional operations.

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