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Experimental Ships

These vessels are completely different from all other ones, including their properties, special behavior, and ways of acquirement.


Missiles: 0   Guns: 3

Hull Capacity: 60    
Size: 42    
Armor: 703    
Hull Points: 88    
Crew Seats: 0    

Req. Exp.: -    
Price: -    


This vessel is so radical that it does not even have a proper name. The Bio-Organic Protoype (Experimental), short BOP-X, was introduced shortly after a Vyrex outbreak started to snowball out of hand, during the first ever interfactional operation in which all three factions worked together on an intergalactic scale in an attempt to beat the common enemy by its own weapons. The BOP-X was built as a hybrid ship with bio-organically grown samples from Vyrex genomes, allowing it to navigate unnoticed between the Vyrex. Its gun mounts are actually claw and tentacle roots which allow the ship to form a symbiosis with organic weapons. It is true that the BOP-X's specs do not sound spectacular - also, nobody has yet even figured out a way to repair it. However, due to being a living organism, bio-engineers expect a high probability that it comes with yet undreamt-of special features that, once discovered, might make it one of the most worthwhile ships to command.

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